Stream has no data error message

I keep getting a “stream has no data” error messages trying to login to my Rhino WIP. I need to use it asap for a deadline. All of my files were created in WIP so I cannot open in Rhino 6.

Can anyone help?

I see you have a V6 license in your login account.
Are you logging into your account when The WIP asls for a license?
If not, that’s the fix.

Hi @r.bukhbinder can you please send a screenshot of this error?

@aj1 this may need your assistance.

Here it is.

Yes I have been logging into my account when the WIP asks for a license. That is when the error message pops up.

Hi @r.bukhbinder,

Please try the following:

  1. Close Rhino.

  2. On the Finder, please click on the Go, then click Go to Folder... and enter ~/Library/Application\ Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/7.0/License\ Manager/Licenses

  3. PM me the files in this folder and then delete all of them.

  4. Start Rhino again. You should be asked to login.

@aj1 How should I PM you? Also, I am not able to compress the files. I’m not sure if they will all load.

@r.bukhbinder if you click on my profile you should be able to Message me. Otherwise email me at

The files should definitely be less than 5MB, so no compression is needed.

HUZAH! It worked. Thank you so much @aj1!!!

@aj1 is there anything we can do to detect and fix this problem for users automatically?

It appears that this whole thing started with a R60-BTA license key in the mix. I’ve added code to our license validation system to disallow Rhino 6 Beta keys, since they’ve been out of commission for over two years, and also cause confusion.

I’m not exactly sure what the problem is here. It looks at first glance to be a corrupted file.