Rhino WIP Freezing on License Verification


While running the Rhino 6 Mac WIP, it’s now started freezing up when verifying the license on startup. I’ve been using the wip for a month now and haven’t gotten this until today, I’ve also tried reinstalling the latest build and the issue continues.

Anyone else having this issue / know a any way to solve this?

Do you have a message in your inbox?
I just looked at your Rhino account and this email address says it has been verified.

The only account verification email I could find related to the rhino 6 WIP is from September 28, when I first downloaded it. I’m not able to click that popup to send another email, I just get the pinwheel.

Don’t take this wrong…
Have you restarted your Mac recently?

I restarted it today after the issue first started happening, and it has continued to happen after that. Before that, I think it’s been about 2 weeks since I restarted it?

Can you login to your account here:

Verify your email address is correct in the Email tool,
and verify you see your WIP license in the Licenses > Personal list.

Anything odd turn up there?

Everything looks normal to me

@tmhector can you please elaborate what you mean by “freezing”? Do you get a beachball? Can you click on any of the dialog’s buttons?

I’m getting the beachball and can’t click any of the buttons in the popup in the screenshot, and have to force quit to close the program.

Got it. This looks like a recurrence of this issue:

Please follow the instructions in the link above and it should temporarily solve the problem while we find out the cause of this issue.

That fixed it! Thanks everyone for your assistance!