Samekomon - japanese rotational dot pattern - point distribution


need to do the MOSAIC :wink:

– just kidding, but I think I am going crazy trying to recreate a pattern called “samekomon”. Its basically consists of dots forming overlapping circles. The art of “samekomon” is to have a nice dot distribution*1 and that the pattern flows nicely between the circles.

I cannot stop trying different methods to create this effect for days now, but I am no step closer. My pattern lacks the flowiness quality of the original and I think I am missing something.Any tip, hint or advice would be greatly appreciated :smile:

1: same distance between the points on one circle, no gaps

My version: (1.1 MB)

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I forgot: I did try some smoothing afterwards with kanagroo to close the gaps; it helped a bit but I don’t think it’s the root problem. (9.8 KB)

Interesting pattern. Here’s my take on this.


Here is my take. I generate arcs of circle using points from a triangular pattern . Arcs are intersected using my Gilbert Tessellation script.

Each curve is divided then points are culled using “Average” option. I didn’t manage to use Dots Display (it crashes my PC) so I used mesh !

Update I forgot the center point, and here with random also. (27.7 KB)

Using random points

@Konrad thanks for your cool questions.


Wow!! I didn’t expect that. GH community rocks :heart_eyes::sunglasses:Sadly I cannot look at scripts right now, but it will be the first thing tomorrow morning!! Thanks guys

@laurent_delrieu thank you for your awesome answers!


Some Lloyd relaxation to give a better look.
I had a distance threshold in order to not move exterior points. You will need Anemone for the recursion.

Playing with various density (94.0 KB)