Even pattern on irregular surface (triangle)

Hello everyone!
My grasshopper knowledge is very basic + limited, and so I am having troubles knowing what to search for to solve this issue. Would be happy about any hints or ideas that could guide me in the right direction. Thank you!

My main question is, is there a way to recreate an even pattern on a “irregular shape” as shown on the left? (without a lunchbox plugin). I am used to only work with rectangle surfaces, making building a nice and even grid easy. Though when trying this with a triangular shape I end up having quite some uneven spacing around the borders. (see right image)

There are surely more discussioms but see this

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For the particular case of a triangle, you can work from the idea that you want 1 less point on each successive row as you go down.
tri_distribute.gh (7.4 KB)


see also this tread:

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This is brilliant, thank you!