Pattern Challenge - Ogee Drop+Tibetan background

wavy (32.6 KB)

Maybe it’s a good way to kill time?

Please show some mercy(to me?), just use less math and codes :slight_smile:
Blue is the original one from the internet.
I will change the tile if I get the exact pattern name.
Do you know the name of this one?


It seem to be named
Ogee Drop for the main shape and Tibetan background.

It is also very similar to Seigaiha Japanese Pattern which has just one direction of the wave.

Which is also similar to Samekomon

Here is my tool (28.1 KB) (31.9 KB)


This is my try

abstract (13.0 KB)


Haha, this is superb!

Much more concise than mine! Thank you!

saw that pattern in a recent movie, i obscured relevant parts of the screenshot. its just about the pattern of course.