Parametric Pattern Help

Hello, I am trying to write a script that emulates this pattern so I can make a 3D print for it. It looks to me like it uses some combination of Voronoi and Weaverbird, but I’m not super skilled in Grasshopper. Can someone help me create this? Thanks.

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first it isn’t Voronoi. Voronoi makes convex polygons. Here there are some concave polygon.
when you have something like that to do analyse the pattern.

There is a grid that is symbolized by blue lines. On the intersections points where removed. So you’ll have to make an algorithm that removes the blue points

Then moves the points on Z randomly
Then use a classical network thickening.


Hi mbaumga6,

Not sure if you are trying to achieve a 3D version of this but I put together a really quick iteration of what you are saying in 2D using Paving Kit, which is part of the Land Kit plugin. Definitely a bunch of different ways to do this, but Paving Kit allowed a custom tessellation pattern to repeat across a larger area. A simple script add on using attractor points would allow you to add some 3-dimensionality to this as well. Let me know if this is what you are asking about and I would be willing to mock up the attractor script as well!

Thanks that’s helpful!

Hey bensummay, this is great! I was looking to make it 3 dimensional but not by much. I just want to be able to 3d print it.