This might be as random as it gets—airplane interior texture

I captured these images of the plastic material that surrounds the windows on Southwest’s 737 aircraft. It was interesting to me because is some areas, you can begin to see a circular pattern forming, but in others, it appears to be just clustered bumps (I’m sure there’s a better word for them).

I know there was somewhat recently a post here regarding a Japanese dot pattern (Samekomon), but it doesn’t quite look like that pattern. That thread can be seen here.

Does anyone know how this textures are generated for these types of applications, and what would maybe be the best way to recreate this in Grasshopper? My first thought would be circle packing, but I’m not sure if there would be a way to account for the ‘semi pattern’ occurring among the bumps.

maybe its just artifacts froms subdivision -it is not as circular and even though (11.3 KB)

My guess is that the actual bumps were produced with rollers or presses, and there should be a repeat somewhere in the pattern, so it’s basically a tiling. Perhaps the original tile is produced through a series of rollers with random bumps. I somehow doubt it is more than a mechanical process.