Do you know this super cool pattern!?

Hi all, I am new to this community and super excited to get going with GH!

I have been trying to replicate the pattern that you can see in the youtube link below but I have an hard time as I can only see the graph and no components.

Is there anyone that could give me some advice on how to do this? Thank you very much in advance!


Welcome @Stella
Curious why you would ask here instead of the authors of the video; it appears they offer training?
Help here:

Hi @Fred_C thanks for the reply! I am a student and I can’t afford a professional course plus I believe in open source and shared knowledge, that’s how I learned other software such as rhino 3d or Vray.

Then you should already know how to ask questions
Good luck!

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I remember solving this exact pattern for another user in this forum (or the older forum) … but… no idea how to find it.



You could immediately learn more on this type of pattern checking out examples like the one below (to name one possibility) and take it from there

The graph mapper they are using in the video looks like the ‘riched graph mapper’, though

Welcome @Stella
I hope you will follow good advice previously given.
By the way I will not say this is a supper cool pattern.
When recreating pattern it is important to understand the parameters and what to do with them. It requires time, so search, try to open all of them and look at what they do. I still discover some.
By the way here a script, it accept a planar curve.

I here use clipper to make rounded slots. There are others ways, pipe, rounded rectangles …

pattern lines (23.0 KB)


@laurent_delrieu thank you for the input, this is helpful as I can understand what each component does and learn from it. Thank you

Thank you @_RC this is very helpful!

Do you have a workaround for the Treesloth component? I think its looking for Unweave. Looks like there isnt a new version compatible for Rhino 7/GH 1.0.0007.

Have you installed Treesloth, tested it ? Some clue to say it didn’t work! Is it clearly stated that is incompatible? Or just not tested by the author!

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Forgot to “Unblock” the gha file! N00b mistake!

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