Creating 2D pattern like this

Greetings! I wanted to create a pattern like this one,

Do you have ideas about how to create a pattern like this in grasshopper? And is it possible to do in Grasshopper?
Thank you in advance.

it is surely an interesting question. It will be possible to create almost whatever pattern in Grasshopper if there is an Algorithm. At first glance I don’t know such algorithm for your pattern.
So the questions are :
Where did you get this pattern?
Have you some sort of reference?

this looks really like when -thousands of years ago- I was very fascinated by Voronoi diagrams

in my case it was a terrible mix of:
messing up with cell offset + not even being aware those curves had overlapped start/end control points, swearing all the time why the cells always had a sharp corner somewhere

mix it up with a non uniform XY scaling, and this goes straight back into my drawer of dark memories that should not be remembered :slight_smile: (14.1 KB)


Thank you!!!