Rodent survey - what precise mouse for Rhino are you using?


Rhino users will know how vital pixel accurate mice are.

**What mouse do you use under Win7 or Win8 64bit to be able to move across the screen at a sensible speed within 60mm of mouse mat ?

I am looking for traditional classic mouse shape, 115mm long, two buttons and a scroll wheel or similar. Not a large ergonomic shaped beast.**

more detail is here :-

I am using a Logitech M-BJ58 usb cord mouse two button with
scroll wheel 115mm overall length. The traditional classic mouse shape. Not ergonomic, no extra
buttons. This mouse is super precise and I can perform wonders with
it ! I bought 6 of them and here is why:-

I used a ball mouse under win98. I use a gel wrist wrest
mouse mat.

Mouse speed set to 9/10 accel high and 40mm of mouse mat is
all it took to move or draw the entire screen width (19inch monitor). Rear of
mouse 20mm from gel wrest enables top to bottom move on screen but just.  These long ergonomic things are no use as they are already hitting the buffers before we start a down screen move.

When win2K came the mouse on my high speed setting gave a
very steppy motion, as if snapping to some invisible grid. I solved it after 3
months searching. Msoft admitted it was of their making but never fixed it !
Enhance Pointer Precision was their offering but it resets mouse to 5/10 so no

My test for others that will let me know if a suitable
replacement exists.

start cursor at left and count 0 and 1and 2and 3and 4and 5
in a normal manner, that’s 5 secs, moving off on the 0, during which one will
move mouse at an even rate to screen right.

My mouse will have moved 60mm as I have a hi res flat screen

How far has your mouse moved.

Win7 sees Mouseware driver ditched, and so has killed
millions of mice inc my little future proof (huh !) stockpile. It doesn’t work with substitute setpoint driver.

The search starts all over again. :frowning:


Wacom Tablet?

Best thing I ever did for CAD work and essential for detailed texturing and Photoshop work.
It takes a little while to get used to absolute positioning rather than mouse like relative positioning, but once you do, you’ll never go back.

See if you can have a try on one.

EDIT: It does take up a lot of space though. Mine is about 450 x 450mm so it eats up a lot of desk real estate.

I would like one but two problems, no table space for it and I need to keep my wrist on a gel surface, so moving a pen about with wrist sliding ona tablet is not an option. humid weather also sees wrist bond to surface !

I tried one once, and found that 1mm of wacom mat was 10mm on screen and my accuracy and finesse was atrocious.

For some reason I can move my cursor with mouse pixel perfect, but holding that pen, I found pixel work impossible.

For Pshop work it would be just right but heyho its not to be.

Mouse hunt it must be.


Anyone using the Logitech G100s, mostly good comments, some say buttons can have issues, cord is stiff seems a gripe. Its the mouse length I need. How precise is it, a mouse is an extension of ones thought. Does it put brain to screen with ease ? !

Just what short classic mice r u using out there, anyone ???


I use a Wacom intuos tablet (which is the best computer accessory I have ever bought) with the pen in my left hand.
I also use a std Microsoft optical wheel mouse with my right. This is mostly for the wheel, but I also use it sometimes for other stuff.

Years ago before I got the tablet I started getting RSI, so I taught myself to be “ampi-mousterous” - it took about a week, but now I can use a mouse either hand with equal accuracy.
I’ve had the Microsoft mouse for maybe ten years or more - now on windows 7 64. A great product.


Get a big tablet :wink:

The little ones are useless for our kind of work. The big ones like mine are superb. The accuracy is sensational.

Also, as rabbit says, RSI is a thing of the past. You won’t need that gel pad for your wrist anymore.
As for the humid weather issue, simply wear a cotton glove with the finger tips cut off. I do that on the really hot stinky days.

Seriously. Try the big Intuos.

I also use the Intuos Pro large in Rhino on occasion but mostly I use a Logitech MX Performance mouse. My tablet is mainly for sketching but I’ve been experimenting with it in Rhino and it works well, combined with a 3Dconnexion Spacemouse its hard to beat. However, I’ve been using a mouse to operate CAD for nearly twenty years so it’s hard to break the habit. The MX mouse is accurate and I find it very comfortable. It is quite large and shaped for your thumb, it has alleviated the early signs of discomfort I was getting with my previous mouse. The only drawback is the battery life, it has to be recharged every three or four days. Other than that it’s excellent.

It must be standard mouse shape, hoping someone uses one. as per my post. appx 115mm long two button .

Tablet and gel wrist wrest dont mix, cant move hand around over tablet with wrist on a wrist rest. No space for one either.

I am unable to rebuild PC from xp to 7 unless someone can assist with solving mouse issue. many yrs ago I was about to have to chuckin in PC work and career cos mouse was all zig zag , drawing stairs not smooth lines, when win2k came on the scene, it had been fine under win98. I cant have that happen again. Logitech kill off my stockpile in one swoop so must find another that wiorks precise and only 115mm long ot thereabouts.


Hi Steve.
FWIW I’m using a " roccat kova +" and it was only after trying a couple of other mice that I was satisfied with this one.
As it is a gaming mouse it has quite a few options for customizations.
You do probably want to disable the fancy multicolor leds though. :wink:

Best Willem

I would have to try before I buy maybe on that one. With buttons where my thumb rests it seems, would it feel comfortable ? Can they be disabled ? 5mm more in length could be an issue as I only have 20mm for top to bott screen work. Certainly one for the contenders list though.

Is the cord nice and soft ?


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Hi Steve.

The other mice I tried, I unpacked with care, tested, repacked and returned for a refund.
The side buttons can be assigned or disabled. They do not bother me.
The cord is not that soft no…

Good luck

I’m Using, for quit a while now, the Logitech MX1100 & pleased with it,
Ergonomic, responsive & accurate, u can configure the button to whatever function u like (for example i’v configure the Tumb button to the “Save Small”…)

Hi, Thanks Gil_K, at 122mm its 7mm longer than my current mouse but if I can configure it to be a tad quicker, it should still hopefully enable top to bott screen move in the 13mm it leaves between its rear end and gel wrist rest. I currently have 115mm mouse and 20mm available for up/down moves.

Do you use a gel wrest with it ? My wrist is already 20mm above the mat so multi-buttoned mice might not see the hand resting on them as designed, I have fingertip touch only on my mouse.


This one is the best I have ever had:

Looks a bit edgy but is very ergonomic, accurate and heavy. I love it.

Strewth !
Thanks for showing it, I will be sticking to my quest for a simple traditional 2 button 115mm if such exists.
Easy on the fingers, lightweight, I dont find myself wanting more buttons. I used one once and kept touching and activating buttons.
I may have to get one with such unless simple mice can be precise.


For my laptop I use a Logitech VX Nano Laser

Perfect little mouse, small USB dongle and very accurate on almost any surface, also surprisingly ergonomic and can be used much. And durable and tough. Had it for years. (image taken from web)

The USB stores in the mouse, and turns it off also.

Hi Holo, now that looks and sounds promising, 98mm gains me 7mm fore/aft movement, width and height same.
Obviously its very precise.

I need screen width move full width (during 5 secs…ensures no crazy cheating speed !) in 60mm of mousemat or less. Can it do that ?


You have the strangest criteria… but I trust you have your reasons.
And yes, it should be able to travel 1920 pixles in 5 sec at 60mm. But maybe you have to live with moving a bit faster.
But I don’t recommend setting it to such sensitive speeds as it will travel extremely fast at faster movements.

Apparently it has been replaced by this one now:

Good luck.

@Steve_Howden, Well yea, i use a standard Gel+Mate product & it does the job just fine for me…

@Steve1, have you ever considered using a trackball? No need to move your wrist at all the precision you may need…