Mouse suggestion?

Any thoughts on an accurate mouse (not a Wacom, Spacemouse, or other input) for working with Rhino. I have three systems and I use a Logitech MX Master 2 on my main work machine which is great. However, my mouse for my laptop rig is pretty poor, even just selecting text, far less in my modeling graphics work. I am going to replace it. Logi now has an MX Master 3S which I may try, but I wondered if there was another brand/unit I should look into?


I’ve had great luck with normal Logitech mice. They have side buttons the the wheel tilts side to side. I don’t use them in Rhino at all, but the side buttons are handy for Web browsing.

I tried a JellyRoll rechargeable mouse, and I have to charge it up too often.
From an operation and comfort point of view, I liked it a lot.

I’ve always had the G502 and just put some alt, ctrl and shift on the extra thumb buttons. I think that makes handling great with one hand only in many cases like turning and shift view, all gumball operations, selections etc…

+1 for multi button Logitechs - esp the ones targeting MMO gaming, they’re geared to max density fast-twitch with loads of inputs. Currently using a G600 with buttons mapped to copy, paste, enter, esc, delete, join, split (and a couple more I’m not thinking of right now!). Also great for window and web browsing with instant tab-switching/killing

I have the Logitech MX Master 3S (Bluetooth) and I like it. The only downside is that you have to charge it quite frequently. The battery last for about 3 to 4 weeks - which is not bad per se -, but I had the generation before and it only needed to be charged every 6 to 8 weeks. It’s a great mouse for medium to large size hands, but I had a friend complain that it is too tall for them. It’s also a heavy mouse, compared to most gaming mice, which often are flyweights, which I like. If you have lots of Bluetooth devices (>5) connected to your computer, I would maybe consider getting the dongle version for better reliability.

I use the MX Master 3 on my workstation, but for the laptop I use the MX Anywhere 3. It’s small but has a whizzy scroll wheel like the Master.

I’ve had multiple Anywhere models since the original - it’s my go to mouse. Mind you, I rue the day Logitech did away with standard batteries for inbuilt rechargeable ones. First, I wouldn’t have needed to replace my mouse so often, and second it was so much better to be able to swap out batteries when the juice ran out than to have to plug in a cable.

I’m not necessarily a mouse “power user”… for years I loved the Logi Marathon M705’s, they still make them, but awhile back they removed the under-the-thumb button. So I have now switched to the M720 Triathlon, which still has one. For me it works great, and it runs on one AA (non rechargeable) battery - which lasts a long time. Have one with my desktop, but also one with my laptop - it’s not as small as a “travel” mouse but my laptop isn’t really a lightweight anyway.

A lot of the people I know have started switching to the “vertical” mice though. They say it takes a day or so to get used to using one. But they’re pretty big and bulky for travel.

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Thanks a lot guys. Of to read up on these units.

I actually went on ebay to locate a new old m705 when mine finally got too ragged :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using a Logitech g604, having a great Lighting wireless adapter without latency. It can be powered with single AAA with a small aluminium foil ball and due this it is light. Going to buy it again.

I have the original MX Master at home, my partner has the 2, and I have the 3 at the office - they’re all great. I’ve set up the back/forward and gesture button to have different functions in Rhino.

Back = Shift. This way, I can rotate the view with right-click, and pan with Back Button + Right click.
Fwd = Distance
Gesture + upwards = Zoom Extents
Gesture + left = Zoom Selected
Gesture + down = Toggle Project on/off

Super useful!