Precision touchpad

Hello, I just switched from Mac back to Windows for several reasons, but I am really disappointed that there is no options for touchpad settings.

I have a laptop with a precision touchpad, which does exactly the same as the Mac trackpad like 5 fingers gestures, pinch to zoom etc. but for some reason Im not able to set its behavior. Only thing actually Im missing is rotation with two fingers and panning with two + shift instead of zooming. (pinching actually works)

Is there something that I am missing, or I am really not able to use my build in HW to control the software? (even though my touchpad two fingers click is set as a right button)

If I am not, would you consider adding a control panel for such a touchpads as well in the future?

I have read some threads with this topic, but all are old enough and the windows laptops came a long way…

I have a new laptop with a touchpad.
I plugged in a wireless USB mouse and do not use the TP for Rhino at all.

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I think I’d do the same as you, John, if I had a Windows computer with a touchpad even though I’m quite comfortable with the trackpad on my MacBook Pro (but not for Rhino).

I got the impression from Janself’s post, though, that he became very comfortable using the touchpad on his Mac for Rhino and would like to use it on his Windows laptop but couldn’t make it work.

So I don’t think you answered his question.


Sorry, I thought I implied just that.
No, I’m not aware of any plans to try to support touch pads on Windows any more than they already are, which is not well and not the same a Mac.
These gestures are built into the operating systems and not the same on Mac and Windows.

A standard 3-button wheel mouse remains the best option IMO for Rhino on either platform.

Thank you for a quick reply. Ill have to stick with working from the table. Laying in bed, working on a trackpad was bad habit anyway.

Well wireless mouse and a stiff mouspad in the bed should do better too