Best mouse for Rhino on OSX?


as previously mentioned I’m a CAD newbie working through the Rhino tutorials.

I’m using the Magic Mouse on my Imac, but it’s frustrating me the way it disconnects all the time (not a Rhino problem) and I find the scrolling hard. MagicPrefs helps but I can’t help wondering if there’s a better mouse?

I have used a couple of Logitech cordless laptop mice on the Imac and neither of them scrolled properly with the scroll wheel.

Any suggestions?



I have a Logitech M705 mouse, works fine on MacRhino…



i use logitech mice… the MX series is nice because of the thumb buttons which i use for macros in rhino… the scroll wheels are weighted as well meaning you can spin it once and it will spin for quite a long time on it’s own…

MX Anywhere for my laptops and MX Performance on the desktop… i don’t install the logitech software and they work fine as plug&play with osx mouse prefs but your mileage may vary on that one.


I use the “Apple Magic Trackpad”, and am happy with it.


Hey thanks guys for those replies.

I have the trackpad but have never found drag and release as easy as with a mouse.

Do other guys find the trackpad OK to use for drawing? If so perhaps I should work at it, but I got the impression that 3D experts used a mouse.


i use a mbp trackpad all the time on-site… i’m fine with doing complete drawings using only a trackpad… rhino is tapped into it as well so you have things like two-finger orbiting plus a few gesture options for running macros…

it’s option-twofinger for zoom which isn’t bad… just that a mouse scroll wheel is a little better for zoom


I use only my MacBook trackpad and no mouse, and do some fairly complex images - This is done using keyboard commands/aliases. They are easy to set up and speed up regularly used commands. For instance, I use rt for rotate, and mr for mirror. Set up aliases in preferences found in the main Rhino menu.


Thanks very much again for the advice. I’ve been using the trackpad and mostly it’s better than the mouse - very smooth zooming, intuitive rotating perspective view.

The one issue I have is that I can’t get used to opening the flyout menus on the toolbar icons using the trackpad. I have to do a “hard click” - the soft touch gestures won’t work to open the flyout. Not sure if there’s another way, but it’s not a deal breaker, I just have to get used to it.

Thanks, Andrew


where is the link to downlaod rhino for mac. i desperately need it . plz help


Ashamed to say that it’s easy to use the flyouts with soft touch … I just had to learn to do a double touch and hold! Sorry for being such a learner.


Once you’ve signed up on the Rhino OSX site, the download link appears:

As for mouse, I’ve tried the Magic Mouse on my retina MacBook Pro. In Rhino OSX, it works OK. I love the fact that it operates over Bluetooth thus saving a USB port from being occupied. Also found it pretty slick that it can bring the system out of sleep. Problem is, I setup the notebook to dual-boot into Windows7 (T-Splines) and that’s where the Magic Mouse lost its luster. Apple’s Win7 drivers for the Magic Mouse would cause right-click operations to only work half the time. Right-clicking is crucial to rotating around an object, but MOST of the time, what I got with the Magic Mouse was a mis-translated middle-mouse-click giving me the pop-up toolbar. Stylistic coolness aside, this Rhino user needed his discreete mouse buttons.

I’ve been using the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse for nearly a year now. It’s been working well booting into Win7 or OSX. It’s Bluetooth, so again connects with the MacBooks. The typical mechanical scroll wheel (aka: Food Trap) is replaced by a solid-state touch-sensitive strip. I don’t know if iMacs include Bluetooth, but if it’s on the checklist, I can vouch for the Microsoft Sculpt Touch.

Logitech recently announced their Magic-Mouse contendor, the Touch Mouse T631. I’d expect it to work comparably in OSX. The question is whether it’s better than the Magic Mouse in Win7 (working in Rhino 5).


Hi, the track pad works good for me too :slight_smile:


Whatever you are used to. For me it is a multi button mouse (real buttons) - a Logitech. I like to assign my most used command to the various buttons, and especially a customized popup menu to the center button.