Best mouse for rhino

I’m looking for suggestions to upgrade my mouse to maximize productivity with Rhino.
Thank you

A mouse is personal I’d say, but I like my logitec MX Master. Handy is that it has 3 channels so that I can work on multiple machines with it, and the rechargeable battery lasts many days and charges quickly.
Other than that, I like using a Wacom tablet as mouse


thank you

I’d second the MX Master

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I doubt the mouse can do this! Haha (unless you’re actually talking about customizing buttons and repeating operations over and over).


For laptop/remote:

Logitech - MX Anywhere 2S

For desktop/laptop:
3D Connexion CadMouse Pro (50% off right now)

I’ll third the MX Master - I have the Master 3 at work, and the first-generation Master at home. Customizing the buttons has been really helpful.

I use the Logi Vertical. Same features as the other but with a more relaxed hand position that lets you work for hours.

MX MASTER 3S - pricey but worth it.

logitech g600 for all the hotkey buttons.

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logitech g pro still on the lead :wink: so that it behaves. at least the old version has an incredible good sensor. it has only 2 buttons on the side extra but that adds to 5-6 buttons in total including dpi switch which you basically could adapt. i have the 2nd version either which seems to have a new sensor but i heard that logitech saved here a bit, after testing it only for short (it is a reserve) my thoughts are inconclusive.

the main reason i bought the mouse is because there are not many mice for small hands out there. in early times i bought quite a few of those old hama, you can cant get them anymore, i keep the rest of it stashed in a box, to one day measure it all out and print the perfect mouse for me, which honestly probably never will happen, if mice are still around then at all :slight_smile: the mouse is not a small mouse per se but compared to some of the other mice out there it is very palpable.

under the line, if you have a good sensor which does not get in the way, most of your commands are from the keyboard and a few on the mouse any mouse could do for you which fits into your hand and lets you work without getting fatigue, strains or even Tenosynovitis

The undisputed king is the Logitech G502 model line. Period.

P.S.: Of course, everyone has their own opinion and some people (especially those who haven’t tried Logitech G502 personally) may not agree with that. :smiley:

Elecom HUGE trackball with Connexion SpaceMouse Enterprise.

One bad thing about the HUGE is that it has some exposed metal on the scroll wheel and I literally shocked the thing to death: after about 65 shocks over a period of almost 2 weeks, it was kaput.

I now use the Elecom Deft Pro which is also connected to my laptop. It has 3 connections: USB, Bluetooth and RF. Kind of small for my hands.

Hi! I use 3dconnexion cad mouse since 4-5 years and it will be difficult to change now… I have to search one for home, but this mouse is expensive…