Fed up with my mouse

I’ve been using Logitech’s wireless MX performance mouse for about 3 years now, and I love the feel/size of it, but after a year the right mouse button starts to malfunction*. Then I spend hours on the phone with Logitech while they have me test it 20 ways and finally they send me a new one. Any suggestions for other mice that might be more durable but large-ish and good on the wrist? Or should I suck it up and either deal with Logitech’s customer service or just assume I’ll have to buy a new one every year?

*malfunction meaning that in Rhino it starts to randomly right-click while I’m working.

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I’ve been using a USB wireless Logitech M705 mouse for a couple years. Prior to this one, I had very similar experiences as you did.
I always keep a MIcrosoft mouse handy as a backup. It’s not as comfortable but it’s reliable.

Anyone have one of those CadMouse dealies yet? Any good?

I did my usual research at www.thewirecutter.com. They recommended the Razer Death Adder and it has been the best mouse I ever owned. It has great tracking and accuracy. I think I now have five of them.

For me, there are two keys in a mouse

  • I only get wired. It weighs less than half of the wireless mouse
    weight thanks to the lack of batteries. (It also never has
    interference or dead batteries!) That can make a difference after 10
    hours of work.
  • It’s slightly over-sized, so your hand is more relaxed and doesn’t
    have to ‘clutch it’ as hard. Combined with the much lighter weight,
    you got a winning combo.

Hey @schultzeworks

I have a Razer Death Adder, too, and have liked it but wondering if it’s time to replace it. I have had mine for about a year and use it daily for 10 hours a day. Wondering what your experience has been in how long these last?

Thank you.


I bought my first one about 1.5 years ago. All of them are running perfectly with zero problems. Since they were designed for gaming, the 3D Rhino stuff does not appear to be anywhere near as demanding.

i use that mouse too… on my third one now (well, i had an mx revolution which was then redesigned to the mx performance)… the first one broke when it fell off the desk… the other was replaced because i simply wore it out… my thumb wore through the rubber after a few years and the freewheel spinning stopped being as effective…

point being, i bought another one after each of those incidents without even shopping around / looking at other options… that’s how much i like using the mx performance… or- how comfortable it is for me to use.

i suppose if my experience were one that had me replacing annually or i had a bad streak of customer service with them, i’d also consider finding something else.

idk, if you do find one that’s similar, post it here.
just in case :wink:

I have four of these, two live in laptop bags and get banged around, dropped on the floor, etc. Still work fine. I find them comfortable for my hand (right hand only, however) and the batteries last forever - the one at work I’ve had for like 3 years and haven’t changed the batteries yet.


I uses also Logitech mouses. After 1 to 1.5 year, I have to ask to Logitech a new mouse because of the main buttons failures (just Rhinoing, never gaming). Then, 1.5 year later, I buy a new mouse. I have already done this procedure twice. It is a bit annoying to have to contact the support but then you have a new mouse and you keep the old one as backup.

I have now a G700. I appreciate it because it is cord / less and I get my main Rhino functions on the mouse buttons (move, align, rotate, rotate3D, symetry, select and hide, project CPlane, tab, escape, delete, shift, ctrl, alt). All these functions are kept in the mouse memory, so I can change computer and keep my buttons features.

My third Logitech stopped working recently. Three is too much for me. Now I’m using an old corded mouse that I had in a box and shopping for a replacement. I’ll look at the Razer. Have to admit, I don’t mind the ‘corded’ mouse as much as I expected to after using a cordless.

I am another user of the Logitech MX Performance mouse. I like it apart from the short battery life, mine needs recharging every couple of days whereas my previous Logitech (different model) would last a week or more. I did think I wouldn’t want to go back to a corded mouse but as mine is often plugged in re-charging I haven’t found it much of a hindrance. When the time comes I may give one of those new 3D Connexion models a try.

Same here. The batteries seems to be good for several years.
Good shape, good tracking, just enough buttons.

I am actually interested in the CadMouse too (if you are referring to the new model from 3dconnexion).
Does anybody have experience with it yet?

Cheers, Norbert

I picked up a Razer Taipa (not sure I would have had the price actually been visible on the rack) maybe 4 months ago and certainly like it, the only annoyance is the driver software that pesters me for updates approximately every day.

Logitech make great hardware, too bad their drivers are not so hot, the one I had just before the Razer would occasionally need to be re-installed and couldn’t handle switching between Windows profiles with one set to right-handed and the other left.

Not sure how many other people use one, but I’ve been using a Wacom Intuos medium for more about 2 years. I absolutely love it!

I used a mouse for a few days recently and instantly got the sore-wrist RSI feeling that I had for years.

I find when I use the stylus. my wrist is in a normal ‘at rest’ position (pinky finger resting on the table). When using a mouse I’m twisting my wrist so my palm is facing down, which after a short time produces a fair bit of tension up the forearm.

So my 2 cents is, try a Wacom :wink:


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the thing about the mouse in the top post (mx performance) is that it’s held in a more comfortable/natural position… wrist is on the desk… grab it more from the back instead of from the top… etc.

i have a smaller travel mouse (mx anywhere) which uses the more standard design and yeah, it’s more cramped up feeling and tense… so i generally use a trackpad with the laptop instead.

I use a razer mamba for about 5 years. It just start showing some tears but I was very happy with it. I did not use it a lot in the wireless mode, as the battery life is short (1 big day) and it would require an always on usb to recharge overnight. So I used it mostly wired.

I am also old Logitech fun/ active user. Right now I use old Logitech MX Revolution… I like this one for a programmable buttons and long enough work time. I think I charge once for a couple of weeks, using it 10 - 12 hours each day. It’s old :smile:, with some crack across a button- because of hits against the ground… But I am in love with this mouse. Some times I am also trying to find something new but can’t find another one, which could inspire me some much that I would spend 100 EUR for it. Especially after reading comments about those mouses - low battery life, broken buttons, etc… So I think i will use mine MX Revolution till the day it die completely :smile:

I also use a Logitech G700, well a G700s, now. I managed to get 3 years and 1 day out of one. Oddly, they replaced it.

The top programmable buttons are good for move, scale1d, and rotate, which you can do without touching the keyboard.

I’m with you @Andrew on the Intuos stylus. I can use it for hours without discomfort