Right Click Menu request

It would be very useful if the explode command was available in the drop down menu from a right mouse click hold

Try the middle mouse button popup in Preferences - Mouse - Popup. Edit the popup in Preferences - Commands - Customize. You may place all the commands you desire there, such as this:

No middle mouse button on that consumer mouse Apple ships? Try a multi button model more suitable to design work such as the Logitech Performance Mouse MX. Even more buttons you may assign commands to beyond the middle popup:

Some people are skilled at doing similar things with trackpads, etc. Not me. I’m button man, and Apple doesn’t make a proper button mouse IMO! Think Different is not always a silver bullet.

Follow this thread for more mouse advice:

I have the mouse shown and I like it very much, however the scroll wheel button is not a good option for me - I never use it. It would be great if I could move the functionality over to the right mouse button. That doesn’t seem to be doable at this point. But on the other hand, I’m missing any number of details so far - maybe this can presently be configured?

I would advise to evaluate the purchase of a 3D mouse. I use this with Rhino. http://www.3dconnexion.com/products/spacenavigator.html

@Zsimon. I’ve admired the appearance and concept of those Space Navigators for years but never got the courage to plunk down the cash and give one a try. Never actually had my hands on one to test. Does that wheel have the same fine control as a mouse? It is the gentle hand movement of the mouse vs finger pinch of the wheel I’m trying to conceptualize. My gut tells me I will not like it but that perception may be wrong.

@JKayten. The middle wheel button on the Performance MX is a little funky compared to the previous iteration of the mouse (read cheaper feeling) however, a wheel center button works quite well just to popup common commands. Since a wheel button is tactile - you don’t need to look at it to find (feel) it in a jiff. To each is own and you could use a true 3-button.


You need to do a bit of practice, calibrate according to your needs. The difference is enormous productivity. Being able to select multiple objects, while with the 3D mouse you rotate, move, zoom you is priceless. In the presence of complex scenes, the ability to quickly obtain the visual fit is also important.

You prompted me to consume all the info the 3Dconnection site. Clearly, one has to acquire one and try for a while to form a conclusion. For Rhino, do you use the SpaceMouse or the larger Pro paddle with all the buttons? Are you primarily navigating scenes (i.e. gaming environment) or are you manipulating objects (i.e. product design)?

Trying to quantify the mindset and muscle memory adjustment. Golf analogy - is like changing one’s grip from overlap to interlock, or is more like trying to hit the ball left handed after a lifetime of hitting it right handed?

I try to answer you. I do not speak and write English well. I bought the 3D Mouse for use mainly with 3D programs. I agree that if a person has ever used a mouse and keyboard, has a muscle memory. However, the advantages of the 3D mouse, combined with a bit of “apprenticeship”, make a difference. As in all things depends very much on the time one devotes us. The manipulation of an object in Rhino with the mouse, involves a continuous movement of the hand can be tiring. With the 3D mouse, after about 1 week of work, I wondered why I had not taken before. After you find the right settings (I often use graphic programs, so I use the tablet associated with the 3D mouse) have increased greatly speed the execution of operations, even the most trivial. I chose the 3D mouse easier and I am convinced that the more advanced models would still be much better. So, in summary, I believe that anyone with a bit of practice, can get used to a 3D mouse.

Done! I just dropped a little over 300 bucks on a wireless model. That was a painful expenditure but I’m guessing it will be worth it.

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Thank you for trying Zsimon. I assure you that your English is easily to understand, as well as far better than my attempt at your native language. (Only fluent in English). You made a compelling case. I’m tempted like jkayten…

Please do let us know what you conclude. I like spending your $$$…:slight_smile:

Will do. I noticed that after I’ve made use of a command, it’s stored under the right-click button as a previous. If only I could have a list there to customize, I would rule!

You can customize the middle button list By going to
File-Properties-Rhino Options-General:
Show these commands at the top of the menu:

Also make sure that you look at the MOUSE left side menu and set the MOUSE GROUP SELECT Method at the top of the tab to: Combo. - Michael VS

Yeah, I know about the middle button, but I don’t like having to press down on the scroll wheel - it’s not a good device for a button. I’ve been wishing to customize the right click to do what the middle click does.

I agree, I have a Logitech mouse that has thumb buttons that can be programmed as middle click, which is what I have been using for ages… --Mitch

I use the thumb buttons as well. But I’ve been using the back botton for orbiting in my SU program and I’ve made that the same for R so that I can switch between programs with consistent mousing commands. I’m looking forward to the left hand device I’ve ordered to provide me with a number of quicker methods to interface with either program. If Rhino goes full commercial, I’ll probably move all my future work over to it.