Rhino viewport navigation request

Would it be possible to add the following navigation options (shift + MMB) to rotate and MMB to pan? These are Revit’s defaults and cannot be configured in Rhino. The same goes for right mouse button to open the right click menu like it does in Revit. I’m sure most users would like these applications to be streamlined in this regard.

Furthermore, I would like to see Rhino’s viewport navigation with a 3d mouse (3dconnexion device) to have the same experience as it has in Revit, with the same speed. This is because these devices can only be configured for Revit and not for Rhino inside Revit.


Please no. Right click is so much easier and simpler as an orbit function. (and standard in many other software).

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Rhino has had these shortcuts for many years so it’s generally not a good idea to change them. It could be argued that the navigation key combinations should be configurable. I’ll let @kike respond since he’s the Rhino master here.

@Michael_Pryor My proposal is specifically targeted at Rhino.Inside, for which I think configurable navigation keys (and 3d mouse behaviour) allows for continuity between Rhino and the host software. In the end, everyone has personal preferences (stemming from different software backgrounds), so to each their own preference settings wouldn’t hurt, right?

In terms of settings, a button for "Swap pan and rotate (press Shift+MMB to rotate; press MMB to pan) below the checked Rotate option would do the trick.

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I see. I missed that. My bad!


I think changing the right mouse button behavior in Rhino is far more complex than allow to customize the middle one. It sounds like a good balance to me.
I have entered this topic as a user request in Rhino bug-tracker for Rhino 7.


I am coming from Fusion 360. Any updates on Rhino settings to achieve the following mouse controls when in perspective?
Shift + MMB = Rotate
MMB = Pan

Troy, I hear you, the ability to have custom button profiles has long been desired Rhino feature, unfortunately there are legacy aspects that would have to be overcome for that to happen; it’s not desirable to have different button setups between softwares.