Custom mouse settings


Im new into Rhino but I would like to change my mouse settings because Im used to the settings I use in Revit.

I’d prefer:

Pan: MMB (Drag & Hold)
Orbit/ Rotate: Shift + MMB

I am able to change it but miss the final step (I need to reverse this)

Orbit/ Rotate: MMB (Drag & Hold)
Pan: Shift + MMB

Someone knows how?

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Hello - from your description it seems like you want the radio button above the one you have set

but, here, that does not work on my mouse so far… MMB down is ‘inert’. I’ll see if I can figure out what I’m missing.


hi @pascal

any idea finally on how to use shift + MMB to orbit ? I use it in 2 other softwares and its part of my workflow. I’d really appreciate if we can do the same in rhino. thanks :slight_smile:

Charles C.

Depends on your mouse. In the 3Dconnexion settings you could at least set the middle mouse button to execute what the right mouse button does.

A decent mouse would let you set that up if you really want.

Also, why are people asking Rhino to copy the basic interaction of Brand X, instead of asking Brand X to copy Rhino? Rhino isn’t new, they don’t have to copy what anyone else is doing to gain adoption, tell Autodesk to change!

@JimCarruthers nothing to do with autodesck program, I’m using archicad, zbrush, and they allow me to bind shift + MMB to orbit. Pointless answer.