Navigation scheme sync Rhino <> Blender?

Hi all,
I need to find a closes “match” between Keyboard and Mouse navigation scheme between Rhino and Blender. To me it doesn’t matter much which scheme to use if only they get as similar as possible (although I have used Rhino for a while, but not Blender so much).

So, is there a way to make them (close to) similar, and if so, which one is to mimic the other? Should Rhino be adapted to Blender default, or Blender adapted to Rhino default?

Any advice on this will be well taken.

// Rolf

Blender is pretty easy to change, but you will get used to the middle-mouse rotation quickly. The only odd thing in Blender is right-mouse selection, which you may want to switch to left-mouse. I don’t see the point in changing anything else, especially while you are still learning.

Thanks for replying.

Middle mouse Rotation (and Pan with Shift+MMB) is OK, I had just changed that.

But one thing that makes me dizzy is the difference in using the Numpad keys for navigation. Rhino & Blender rotate in the opposite directions with Keys 4,8,6,2. There I’m lost. Can those directions be changed in either software?

And, if using LMB instead of RMB for selecting, does the two buttons switch function or is there need for more configurations then?

// Rolf

Check the User Preferences > Input > 3D View > 3D View (Global) in Blender. All Numpad keys are assigned there. Yes, LMB and RMB just swap functions.


Thanks for showing where to modify this. You can also change the middle click rotation to right click, like in rhino. (I make it alt right click.)
Under User Preferences Input > 3D View you can modify all keys in Blender just like in Rhino. Also keep the right mouse button navigation pan(shift right click) and zoom(control right click) as in rhino.

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Blender navigation events have been designed to be used even from a tablet or a mouse pen.
This is why you use the left click to select the object and so on… Since you asked I suggest to adapt Rhinoceros to Blender but I don’t know exacly how.

Blender 2.8 will completely change the shortcuts and mouse. Last time I have seen in one of the article on