Rhino.Inside.Revit - 1.0 Release Candidate Available


I’ve changed update settings and restarted my computer with Revit 2021.1.2


but I’m not getting a prompt to upgrade to the RC.


Is there anything else I need to do get access to the RC?


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That is the RC. We just have the about box incorrect. We will fix that.


Congratulations to the team and thank you for everything. Can’t wait to return from vacation to start using the RC build.

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Checking it out, Thanks guys!

Excellent! Christmas came early.

Thank you @eirannejad @kike @scottd!

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Looks Amazing! Kudos to the RiR team!

The latest update fixed all my issues I have faced from before. The element tracking works perfect.
Thank you for this build McNeel.

I am not getting ids. what I am I doing wrong?

Are you looking to harvest the element id? If so use the Element Passport component

Hi @ttraber,

Elements have castings to basic Grasshopper primitives and some components that give you more control.

If you cast to Integer you will get the ID or you can use ‘Element Passport’ to get more information about the Element Identity.

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First off, thank you so very much! Very excited to see this RC version and test.

When RiR/gh is started in a host revit file; a family is opened, saved, reloaded and closed; the gh definition has multiple components that held onto the family file instead of resetting to the host model once the family was saved and reloaded. is this intended functioning?

A disable and re-enable on the various components worked, just had to find all the offending components. Is there a way to reset all components if binding persists when user does not wish it to persist?

This is awesome! You all are awesome!

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In the video in this chat it shows that the walls have ids and that seems to been the way you track the changes. I am just wondering why there are no ids showing up when I attach a panel. How is it going to track the elements between sessions if there are no ids.

The grasshopper script that I have setup looks very similar to the one in the video but I don’t have any ids when attaching a panel

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The video was while it was in development, which is open source & on Github if you are interested. The output text in yours is descriptive and part of the object based coding – the object will cast to various other components as needed.

Is there a particular workflow in mind?

Typically to maintain tracking you would have the Revit file open as well as its associated Rhino file before opening or running the GH file. If the Rhino file isn’t open when you run your Grasshopper script your Revit elements will disappear and would be gone if you saved and closed the Revit file at that point.

If your GH file isn’t relying on referenced Rhino geometry the tracking would remain associated to the original Revit file.

If the component runs in a new Revit file it would Add Elements to this file and now be associated with those elements.

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Simply thanks. Awsome Job!

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Thanks to the team for their hard work, the issues I reported earlier have been fixed!

E: Though it would still be nice if viewport navigation in Rhino could mimic Revit’s (via an options setting), meaning shift to orbit, MMB to pan (in perspective) and Ctrl to zoom. As for selection: ctrl to add, shift to remove (the reverse of what Rhino uses now). For muscle memory, this would really help a lot!
See: Rhino viewport navigation request - #10 by Intuos for the discussion on this.


That would be amazing!

Element tracking is a dream come true. Thanks McNeel!

The full release is now available: