Customise mouse buttons for Rhino.Inside.Revit

Can I customise my mouse button settings for Rhino.Inside.Revit? I have a different configuration for Rhino than for Revit and would like to also use this for Rhino in Revit. However, to do this, I need to reference a .exe file. Is it possible to make this work somehow?

Hi @Intuos,

There is this option that controls if RiR takes settings from Rhino standalone or have a different set of settings when running in Revit.

I did a couple of tests and opened/closed Revit to see if this option had any effect, but it didn’t. My mouse driver is not picking this up.

This is only relatted to values at Rhino Options.
But not to things controlled by the driver.

Okay, in that case, I would have to wait for the actual implementation of:
Shift + MMB = Rotate
MMB = Pan
As was requested by me here: Rhino viewport navigation request - #12 by kike

Thanks for the help anyways @kike!

This is the most similar to what you ask for.

Ctrl + MMB = Zoom
Alt + MMB = Rotate
MMB = Pan

The Run this Macro set to empty avoids the toolbar to be shown.

Unfortunately, I still need to pan with RMB in Grasshopper, which is why I changed the settings on my mouse in the first place. It gets confusing quickly if all your software is configured for MMB pan and then Grasshopper doesn’t all of a sudden :roll_eyes: