Rhino V5 FREEZE: Win 10 1709, nVidia display adapters, & V-Ray 3


(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #110

What does that mean?


The GPU gets disconnected, as if it was just disactivated from device manager without my doing so. Though it comes right back again.
In the windows right bottom where there is an icon for which application is running on the GTX, some utility from nvidia, it normally shows Rhino is being used, but when that abnormality happens Rhino is no longer shown as app running on the GTX.
(even though it’s still running)
And short after, when clicking on Rhino app window, it crashes. Didn’t leave a crash dump, so assuming it’s more problem on windows side.


Hello again, everyone,

Although we suspected a more complex issue at first, after investigating in detail more than a dozen cases, it appears that the cause was solely due to the Windows 10 Creator’s update and how it affected NVidia GPU drivers.
If you are still experiencing any issues, please install the latest Windows 10 updates and the latest NVidia drivers for your GPU model.
If the issue persists, and you happen to be using multiple GPUs linked together, please disable SLI. The V-Ray CUDA engine will still utilize all available devices.

If anyone needs further assistance, please let me know!

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA


Thanks for the update Peter,

Following the ‘quality update’ KB4058043, the freezing issue earlier reported has not recurred on my machine.


Thanks Peter.

Best Regards


Newest windows update and nvidia drivers installed…
No crash yet, but the graphic is still really weird… (since the last major win update)…
(Rhino 5 64-bit: Maximizing a viewport results in a low-res (pixelated) cached/static view of such viewport)
Any chance this will get fixed…?

(Kelvin) #116

Hi there. I have the same issue today, I install the latest window update and graphic card driver update (i m using GTX1070). Any one could help me??

PS I cant find the quality update KB4058043, I only have KB4041994 and KB4056892. Is there anything I can do to fix it? It is really annoying

Thank you

(Kelvin) #117

Is it because I updated the January quality update, which is KB4056892?

Update: I uninstalled the vray 3 and it works completely well. But I cant get any further update neither on window nor GPU driver. Sad


I reinstalled Windows 10 because I bought an SSD and surprise: NOT FIXED.

PD: It is really weird I monitored the RAM usage and it was at just 30% when the freeze took place.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #119

Does Rhino v6 Release Candidate 1 ( Rhino 6 Release Candidate 1 Available ) work better?


Does V-Ray for Rhino 5 work with Rhino 6?

(Marc Gibeault) #121

Not with the public builds yet.

(JuanDRam) #122

Possible solution…

We had been trying V-ray 3.0 now for some weeks and discovered the problem some of us had before when the machines freeze was because compatibility when using previous version models, materials and scene settings.

If you clean your models and start fresh files it should not be any problem or crashes. Or at least was not any extra crashes for us.

Let me know if this works for you. it is some work create new materials and be sure of purge everything properly but really pays off when everything is smooth again :slight_smile:


Mine just feezes for the simple fact of having it installed (even in 2D only files :disappointed:).

The only effective workarround for me is to disable the plugin and load it only for renders. I have to cross my fingers and disable it again as soon as the render ends.

(Mne) #124

same problem here in Copenhagen. installed vray 3.0 on 80 machines. cant use it, because it crashes all the time. using vray 2.0…that’s not an update. :rage:

(JuanDRam) #125

For me it also fails even if 2D geometry doesn’t go with material by layer and I make sure there is not any non Vray 3 unpurge materials in the file.

Maybe that works for you too? Is not a good solution and Chaos group should fix this but seems to work for us at the moment.


Updating to the latest and very new Vray 3.6 could be the solution.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #127

Latest being V-Ray 3.60.01 is now available!

(Kelvin) #128

Okay what I found useful is after you updated all of your drivers, just simply reinstall vray. Hope this ll help u guys

(dgongar) #129

Having a similar issue here on Rhino 5 (64bit), Vray3, Windows 10 version 1709.

Every time I start processing even the smallest render on Vray it freezes, the screen goes blue and the computer restarts.

The computer has an Intel Core i7 3.7GHz, 32GB RAM,
and NVIDIA Quadro K2200 (390.65)