Windows 10 issues

Anyone, anyone experience any issues with Windows 10 and Rhino and VRay?

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I am also very curious about this. I will be doing some testing in the near future but would love to hear other opinions.

I do not have Vray, but Windows 10 and Rhino w/ Tsplines, Brazil, and Arion Render all seem to be working fine. Granted only spent a couple hours with it. But it’s a little faster for me on my laptop then when I had windows 7 installed.

I do have Windows 10 with V-Ray and I’m not experiencing any issues (after short tests).

Rhino 6 WIP is not running after updating to windows 10. No issues with Rhino 5

UPDATE: after 3 crashes it started but with the license expired…

After updating from windows 7 to 10 Rhino has started to unexpectedly crash every hour or so, I’m guessing the compatibility issue should be fixed in some time.

I’m experiencing issues saving .ply files, but I don’t know if it’s a Windows 10 issue or the most recent Rhino update that broke it…

Have you updated the graphics drivers?

I have no problems with Rhino or any of its plug-in on Windows 10, but Windows 10 itself is very unstable over here. Personally, I would not recommend it.

I’m with @SamPage, Windows 10 has been crash-prone for me, particularly with the graphics drivers interactions, and explorer randomly deciding to close itself, even mid-operation at times.

@wim I have updated my drivers to the latest ones—I have a GTX680M in my laptop, so it’s not that old either.

It’s patch Tuesday, so hoping things improve one week at a time…

I have updated the graphic drivers and problem seems to have eased but still present, crashing roughly every two hours or so.
Running an AMD Radeon R7 260

Different card, I know, but it might pay off experimenting with older driver versions…

i have rhino 5 trial pack of 90 days
and my laptop has 4k dispay
16gb ram
4gb nvidia gtx 960m
windows 10 6th generation i7 processor
but when i run the software and put a command the software stops responding
for example rectangle or while extruding
i need a fix

I’d check the GPU driver to make sure it’s up to date from Nvidia and I’d also perform the steps here for use of Rhino 5 on a 4K monitor…