Rhino V5 FREEZE: Win 10 1709, nVidia display adapters, & V-Ray 3


Here at Architecture Office in Lisbon we are experience troubles/issues with Rehino 5 SR14 on Windows 10 Pro x64 (Fall Creators Latest Update).

We need some help/support about this matter. It is really bad, mostly because we are on a dead line project. Every 15 minutes Rhino complete crash and freeze all windows/hardware system.
We have powerfull machines (mostly for 3D modelling and hard/complex Vray rendering.

If anyone could help us we be greatfull.
Best regards.

Have you tried disabling all plug-ins?
Next step, if Rhino is stable without plug-ins, is to try enable the plug-ins one by one, testing before enabling next one. Until you find the plug-in that causes the trouble (if that is the problem).

// Rolf

Hello and thanks for your reply.
I think this is because of he Latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update… Before this Rhino was stable. Or at least, wont freeze/crash like now. 15 times crash counting since 9:00am today

When Rhino crashes often and unexpectedly, it’s almost always one of two things - either a video/driver problem or a plug-in… try updating video drivers and disabling 3rd party plug-ins at first and see if the crashing stops. You could also try running Rhino in safe mode which will disabl hardware acceleration and plug-ins.


Thanks for the advise. I have reinstalled latest nvidia drivers. Still no solution… I can not believe this could be vray. It just took one weak that we spend a lots of money to purchase both Rhino 5 +Vray 3 for 5 machines… I hope there will be a solution, because i think the problem is Windows 10. Simply it is not hard workflow friendly.

Did you try running rhino in its safe mode? Disabling all 3rd party plug-ins to see if Rhino starts behaving badly?


Yes. i did that, and steel freezes. Not only my machine, but other machines with Window 10 crash as well. The windows 7 pcs, with the same Rhino and Vray installed, they get a small freezes, but wont crash at all. It is possible to close issues in Task Manager Windows. Just mentioned this fact to compare the the same process in 2 OS systems.

Hello - you do not say whether or not you can tell if VRay is part of the problem - have you determined that? Does Rhino crash if VRay is disabled?


Hi Pascal. At the end of this afternon at work, i try work on rhino in safe mode. But in safe mode Rhino is real slow. Although in safe mode i do not noticed freeze/crash… Honestly i just test that way for 15 minutes. After that i uninstall all Rhino and Vray. And only tomorrow mornig, when i get back to Work i have news about it again.

Now i am at home. I have the same versions that i use in Work despite this is a Windows 7 Pro machine. Awkward is at here in home, rhino and vray runs smootly like butter. I this machine is a laptop from 2015 (i7 4710MQ 2,7-3,4Ghz + GTX 780M + 16 RAM + SSD Pro). I bit slower compared with my machine at work.
I have to assume that is a Windows 10 Fall Creators Last update or the fact that we have bought a server license distributed for 5 computers, 2 pc Win10 + 3 Win7 pcs. (windows 7 dont present the same issues at all).

Hello world.
yesterday i was not able to post any news about this issue post. It happen an accident at my work. Someone passed out and broke their tooths. He is at hospital.

Since my last post about Rhino 5 Sr14 complete freeze out in Win10, and after i uninstall and reinstall rhino and vray completely today that crash issue come back. I still didn’t find any solutions. But i have some news. My cowork that uses the same machine specs and rhino-vray versions made a Restore Point to a previous Windows 10 build version 15063 and started to use Rhino again and didn’t notice any break/freeze/crash till yet.

I may have a point of view at this time. Windows 10 is the disease of this issues… Solution???
I have reached Windows 10 Chat support but with no achievement at all. That “support” guy say Rhino is the fault and Rhino Mcneel company need to build an update to made compatibilization and stability with new Windows 10 updates; because Win10 wont let users choose to cancel or not a specific update. Which if i revert my pc after some thay counting today, Windows will get that update again.

Any ideias?

You said it didn’t crash in safe mode but that disables more than just Vray.
Have you tried disabling or uninstalling only Vray? Do you have any machines that do not have Vray installed but crash anyway?

No we do not have machines only with vray. What i can say is, before this windows update we use Rhino 5 SR14 + Vray 2. No major problems with those combination versions even running on windows 10.
Safe mode Rhino disables all toolbars. It result in Rhino slow. For a “logical thinking” it shouldn’t be so slow since it disable all stuff.
Just noticed. I have 2 instances of Rhino with 2 different files open right now; for about 2 hours and no freeze. I can not understand where that issue is coming from. Right now i am confused. And my cowork which revert their machine to a previous windows 10 “build” no crash since this morning.

Hello - Safe Mode is not intended to be a solution, it’s a test mode. If you run in safe mode and it works so far, disable all third-party plug-ins in Options> Plug-ins page , with the view filtered for ‘Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino’ Disable VRay and any others. Close and restart Rhino normally - does it crash? If not, enable and load the plug-ins one by one and work for a while to see what happens - does loading VRay cause the problem to re-appear, for example?
BTW, do you have the most recent build of VRay?


We bought Vray new license for rhino about 2 month ago. Vray version 3.40.03 adv (Jul 11 2017) - Like it is demonstrate on Rhino - Options Menu - plug-in properties
Strange situation. Today i am working kind of “light work revising error on drawings” and Rhino didnt crash. In fact since this morning first freeze it didnt happen anything on my machine. Still working. :frowning:

I’ve experience the same issue (seemingly random freezes), both at work and at home, since the last major WIN10 update.
(It has resulted in a rather frantic “save-a-lot-and-often”-strategy…)

BUT in addition to that, I’ve got another glitch popping up.
When enlarging a viewport it looks blurry, as if the whole viewport was just zoomed in on… in low resolution.
(the blurryness last until i click on anything within the viewport… after enlarging the port, that is.)

I haven’t had time to troubleshooting the office computer, but I’ve just done a clean format & install of my computer at home…ran Rhino 5 without any plugins… to no success.
When in safemode, however, the blurryness is gone and the computer seem to be running just fine. ;S

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I found another issue.
When release viewport from viewport general screen, for example, to add it to my 2º monitor screen, MAKE 2D, doesnt count clipping plane for final result. It will only give me a nice result if i make 2d inside rhino general screen. Sorry for my bad explaination

Please try Pascal’s recommendation of disabling V-Ray in Rhino, restarting, and running Rhino for a few hours. We can’t tell if the source of the problem is Rhino or V-Ray without performing this test.

I will made that test tomorrow. Now we have to go home. Your office is gone a close for today. And tomorrow i come back to post news about it.

Thanks to all helps.
All the best.

Since this morning Rhino didn’t crash. First half of the morning i disable Vray. Second half enable it.
Still don’t get where it could be this crash/freeze issue. But no crash since earlier time.

I had another crash again, today.
While having Vray disabled.

Calling it a crash, for me, might be wrong though.
It’s a total computer freeze, each time.

I’ve run memory, SSD, GPU and CPU tests etc, to deduct these from the list of possible problems.
No problems or failures found. The issue only occur while running Rhino 5.

The sad part is; since it’s a total freeze (reboot of computer needed) i can’t procure a fail-log.

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