Problem with Picture frames


I’ve been working with a scene with lots of picture frames with transparency (png). Somehow this morning all my picture frames disappeared …
They are there but they are now completely transparent so I cannot see them unless I switch to wireframe mode and all I can see is the outline of the frame.
Somehow the alpha channels are not functioning properly. If I go to the material and I turn off the transparency the image appears but turning on transparency makes the whole image transparent, not only the masked areas.
However, the scene renders correctly, so it seems to be only a viewport problem.
I rebooted and repaired Rhino 64bit installation to no avail.
However, I loaded the 32 bit version of Rhino and loaded the same scene and the problem doesn’t occur and the transparency works fine and the picture frames display correctly masked.
Any ideas?

EDIT: See attached. This is what I have to do after creating a picture frame in order to show up. Again, it doesn’t happen with the 32bit version and it never happened before in my regular 64bit version.
However, although the image shows up in the viewport with transparency, it looses the transparency when I render …

Alpha issue


SOLVED I ended up uninstalling/installing and it’s fine now.


I was to quick responding. The problem has not gone away. Now the picture frames show up in the viewport but they doen’t render at all …
I REALLY need help here . Thanks.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - is RhinoRender the current renderer, or VRay? It looks like Vray to me, what happens if you switch to Rhino?



Hi Pascal,
I’ve tried with both. Even starting an empty scene and trying to create a picture frame gives me an empty frame. See attached demos.

Picture frame 64bit
Picture frame 32bit

vray reports missing the alphas from the cache but I’ve cleared the cache and redone the frames.

It’s driving me crazy … not sure what the heck has happened but like I said, it doesn’t happen in the 32bit version: The frames display fine and render fine in Rhino renderer (I dont have vray installed in the 32bit version)

(Benjelmer) #6

I’m having the same issue. All of my picture frames will not show up in the viewport, however, they will show in V-Ray render. Does anyone have any solutions to the issue?

(daveed kapoor) #7

ahhhhhh im having similar problems with picture command in v6 that i never had with v5
picture frames (or whatever they are called now) keep disappearing - its killing me! ive tried many workarounds and not sure what the fix is.

(Pascal Golay) #8

Hello - if you select a picture object, does Properties > Material show a material with a legit image as a texture?