Build 5A723 PictureFrame only works in rendered view

Build 5A723: The PictureFrame command produces the image in rendered view only, not in Wireframe or Shaded view settings (or other).
Besides that, I am working with a rather large image file (1.9 Mb), and 5A713 did struggle with that, but I cannot get any image now with 5A723.


I see this here. Logged in MR-1565.

Kind of important for me as well.

Anyway to make “surface” - picture more transparent? Don’t see that in dialogue box.

Shaded view …

Rendered view …


For me, PictureFrames are white/light gray whatever I do. Rendering makes no difference…
Edit: the above is true for PictureFrames that existed in files that I open. If I add a new PictureFrame, the behavior is as described in the error description.

Here is a temporary workaround:
Enable Use Advanced GPU Lighting in the Display Mode you want the PictureFrame to display in. This is in Properties > Display Modes > Shaded (for example) > General tab > Lighting Scheme section…

(We accidentally broke something in the OpenGL fixed-function pipeline to get the new Rhino Render to work. We are working on a fix.)

Merci , thanks . I will try this at work, still on previous build here.

Got it, also you have to change current render to Rhino (Not Toucan) to be able to adjust transparency …


Yep, that works. Thank you Dan.


PictureFrame texture display problem has been fixed in the internal build 5A729. The fix will be included in the next public WIP.