Picture frame bug?

My plugin gets a jpg from the user and then adds it to rhino in a picture frame. The picture frame remains in the document, as a guide essentially, while some other functions are preformed. This goes fine on one computer, but on another test computer, after running some other functions, the picture frame suddenly displays a zoomed in view of the image. Further, the image isn’t stationary; as the view is rotated, the section of the image visible in the viewport changes, almost appearing like a environment map does. I’ve attached an image before and after this dissociation.

Has anyone else seen this happen, where the image and the surface of a picture frame become dissociated? Any idea why it happens and how it can be fixed?


A picture frame object is nothing more than a plane surface with a material assigned to it. Is you other functions manipulating materials?

No, the other functions don’t do anything with material. The challenging thing is I can’t trouble shoot it on my computer because it works fine. Even if the other computer saves it and sends it to me, the picture shows up correctly on my machine.

Any other ideas what might be causing it?

I’ve often wished I could keep track of the pictureframe like an object, rather than by its ID as I am doing now. Are there any alternatives to pictureframe?

Well, as far as I know, there are no outstanding bugs for Picture Frame that sound like anything you are describing. Have you figured out how to repeat it?

Are there any alternatives to pictureframe?

You can create a plane surface and assign a material. But I’m sure the “picture frame” object isn’t the problem.

@samlochner I have the same problem! We recently upgraded to Rhino 5 from 4 and this started happening. For awhile, the pictureframe would be fine until I “extends all” and that is when it would roll around and become distorted. Now as soon as I insert the pictureframe it is distorted. I work with two other people and 2 of the 3 of us experience this problem. I haven’t been able to find any information on why is this happening. Do you have any updates on this issue?



Unfortunate you are having the same problem, but glad to have company :slight_smile:

1 out of 4 computers I’ve tested has the issue. I’m planning on testing more computers soon, but I’m no closer to knowing what causes it… I will let you know if I figure it out.



Thank you! I’m emailing McNeel now. They mentioned a bad graphics card/driver…

By any chance do you have RhinoGold 5.0?

I don’t have RhinoGold 5.0…

Let me know if you find anything out.


@samlochner Please run the Options command, and go into the View - OpenGL sub pages.

Is the first option for using accelerated hardware graphics checked? you will want to check that…that forces rhino to use the video card as opposed to the on board graphics.

That fixed the problem for me! Hope that helps you!


That worked! Thank you!