Picture frame in Block instance is not visible in FilePDF

Hi @dale,

The files contain a block with text and pictures.

Rhino 5 - SampleBlockPrintBug_R5.3dm (376.0 KB)

Rhino 6 - SampleBlockPrintBug_R6.3dm (365.5 KB)

In Rhino 6,
Top view => File-> Print -> does not show the pictures (Vector output)
Page 1 view => File-> Print -> does not show the pictures (both Vector and Raster output)
code to generate Pdf output using FilePdf -> does not show the pictures.

In Rhino 5,
File-> Print -> does show the pictures (Vector output)

What’s the solution to get the pictures in block
- on print in Rhino 6 (it was working in Rhino 5)?
- using FilePdf (give sample code using the file attached)?

This topic was posted under Problem with Picture frames but the solutions given does not answer the query or serve the purpose.

Kindly help as what was working in Rhino 5 is now not working…
I need to solve this issue.

Hi @HepChan,

I’ve moved this post to the Rhino for Windows category becuase it is not a development question - this does not involved any code you’ve written.

– Dale

Generating pdf output using FilePdf class is a development question…
The picture is not present in the PDF.

I need a solution for this as well…

If you use just Rhino and print and/or save to a PDF, does it work?

No it does not.

this is the command I used on the file.
SamplePrintPdfCommand.cs (1.8 KB)

This is the pdf…
SampleLayoutBug.pdf (18.0 KB)

Hi HepChan,
This has been logged as bug RH-45379.
We will let you know when it is fixed.

As a workaround, you can explode the blocks, print and do not save the file. Or you can save the file to a V5 version and use your Rhino 5. You can also print from a Model viewport. That works, as well.

Thank you for letting us know and for posting the files.
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi @HepChan,

You can track the issue’s progress here:


Thanks for reporting.

– Dale

hi @dale

Is this issue fixed??

I think so - please test…