Page Layout Tools

On this page I am going to collect page layout tools that I am working on. I made it into a ‘wiki’ page (experimental) which means you can edit this first post, in case you want to add your own tools or links to other tools. If you have suggestions for tools, reply through regular comment.

01 detail scales:
This tool will scale all details on all pages to their nearest sensible scale:
edit: small typo in 1:100 scale (1.7 KB)

02 name details:
This tool will set the name of each detail to its scale. This can then be used for setting text which is set to the name of a detail to the scale, to get a page scale that updates with the scale of this detail. Optional: print scale of each detail to lower left corner of each detail
edit: small typo
edit: fixed bug with adding text to wrong pages (1.7 KB)

03 annotationBalloons (V6+ only)
This tool adds annotation balloons to Blockitems on a page. After that you can run addPartList script (below) to add a part list (4.2 KB)

04 addPartList (V6+ only)
See above
version 0.2: small adjustment to make it work in wip v7 (4.3 KB)

05 alignDetails (V6+ only)
This script will align details and match their scale. Front to Top and vice versa; Right to Front and vice versa (2.7 KB)

06 alignDims (V6+ only)
This tool will align vertical and horizontal dimensions to a user picked point. It can do both at the same time: (2.5 KB)


I want to bump this one to the top once to ask if there are people that have tested the tools I posted and if there are requests for additional tools.
Just added dim alignment tool to the list.

Next thing I want to build is a titleblock that can be added to the page with one click. Shouldn’t be that hard I guess.

side note: just found out that these wiki pages edits are only saved as a different version when another user adds something. So the above only shows 1 edit, while it has been adjusted couple of times. But I think this is ok

Dim alignment looks great, I will look at the rest soon… can you post a small video like this for the balloons?

here a more ‘real life’ result using the balloons and part list:


I hope to have some time to try these out. They look so good. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this useful scripts.

It is possible to change the script 03 annotationBalloons to work with regular objects? I am not using blocks too often but simply objects and I need to create BOMs using them.

That’s possible I think, you will need to go through both the annotationBalloon code as well as the addPartlist code and replace the code that looks for blocks to work with regular objects. Make sure you have the objects you want to annotate named so you can count them.

@Gijs: Do you have experience on creating components for Grasshopper?

I need some GH components to create drawings straight on Layouts. I do found ones that can do what I need, they are called FabTools, but unfortunately they are not working with Rhino6 and later and the author it is not responding to emails.

no, I don’t have any experience yet making gh components, and I guess it won’t be anytime soon that I will dive into that either.