BUBBLE NUMBERS block function?

Looking to add bubble number call outs to an assembly…

i have about 200 #'s I need to call out that are constantly changing and have the BOM to go with it… anyone with the right place to go for this??

I think I looked into a BOM script/generator and Im not sure it worked well… but maybe there is a plugin out there?

@gijs has been doing some great work experimenting with callouts here:

Is that the kind of thing you are looking for? What’s a BOM?

That’s a bill of materials - basically the table that Gijs has in his script.

@zale_orcid here you will find a more recent version.:

Let me know if this works for you.
It won’t add or update numbers automatically though. But the generation of a part list is working quite well with a one button click.
If you have an assembly though with 200+ parts I doubt it will work but in that case I think it is a matter of dividing your design in sub assemblies.