Layout - Wish list

Wanted to add a few things on Layout and points made by others. Perhaps some of these are there already…

  • Click on object within the viewport to select it, rather then selecting border
  • Option to not see border of a viewport. It’s irritating with many viewports and all borders showing
    (I know one can match background colour but then its not easy to select)
  • Custom shapes for viewports
  • Control points for viewport crop
  • When one is in a viewport crop have possibility to move an exact distance
  • Ability to delete several pages, hold down shift to select pages and delete
  • Option to hide thumbnails
  • DWG export from Layout
  • Improved PDF export from Layout
  • Export multiple pages with rendered images, as in leave to render
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May I add a couple of ideas to your list -

  1. Improved Text functionality - formatting control individual words and underline / strikeout function
  2. Improved annotation functionality - additional leader control (text in center of landing or on top) ability to add more arrows to leaders for calling out multiple objects
  3. added functionality to dimensions - flip text on ordinate dims
  4. Not sure if this function exists but i can’t find it - adding tables to layouts from excel or other source
  5. Not sure if this function exists but i can’t find it - adding update-able data to title block - page number, sheet number tied to layout tab number, different properties that are link to properties of the file that show up in the title block. This is done in AutoCAD very well and fairly easily.


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I’d like to second a couple of things you guys have highlighted:

DWG export from layout is a must as is flipping the text on dimensions… Pulling a dimension either to the left or right of an object should dictate which side of the dimension line the text is located.


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Hi Seamus - thanks -

I suppose a possibility for the moment is to turn on PrintDisplay and set details to No Print print width.

Not following here… what thumbnails?

Sorry, I’m being dense about this as well - can you tell me what you mean?


Hi Dan -

Please try the Text in the current WIP and see if any of that works for you. See the fx button - currently looks more like a label than a button -

for adding some stuff like dates etc. This is in V5 as well.


This one came from gustojunk >

Want some/all view as photorealistic renderings? Just export the entire document as ‘render at export’. So now your entire document (all the needed views) will be rendered and assembled in the background while you are not on the computer. You can maybe even package this document and send it to a render farm or a colleague with a faster machine, and let them ‘bake it’ for you for a fee/a case of beers.

I had read that there was a Rich Text option in V5 but I haven’t been able to find that. Any ideas?

Hi Seamus

Right but if it is set to NoPrint and PrintDisplay is on, you will not see the borders. But, I think making the border just a little different from the backgrounbd is probably the best way out - you’ll be able to see them but not have them cluttery.

Ah, so you are working on a Mac?


Hi Dan - Rich Text is what text is in the current V6/WIP. but the ‘fx’ are available in V5 Text as well.



Ahhhh so what your saying is I need to convince my boss that the WIP is something we should investigate and download. :slight_smile:

Thanks Pascal

Think I will go with that then

Yes. Only posted here as thought there is a better chance of features being added !


@mary - is this on your radar at all?

@2DCube - am I correct that in the image …

the white dims are incorrect, according to you, or? Thanks.


Hi all -
By this, I guess you mean - whatever shows in the layout flattened to curves on export?


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Hi Pascal,

That’s the chap. It looks OK there but when you get into small detail and the dims are closer to the object you’re dimensioning it starts to get a little cluttered.

I can see that what you’ve posted is a typical convention but it would be nice to have an option to float the dimension on the opposite side of the line of direction it’s being dragged, if that makes sense?

As for the .dwg and .dxf - exactly that. The scaled viewports would be exported with curves and whatever is visible along with dimensions from the paper space. There are still clients out there who draw eveything by hand and scale in the model space in AutoCAD etc. They are few and far between but it helps export data they can interact with rather than a dead end docuemnt such as a PDF.


Hi Andy,
In reviewing this I found a few issues.
First, an override or rotating dimensions text independent of the style are not available yet.

I logged a bug on this back in January of 2013 - RH-2252.
I did not have benefit by having any forum traffic on this issue, so it is sitting idle as a “future” feature.
(Please chime in if you want this option as well.)

In many drafting standards right reading is required. However, I believe that the user deserves the option. (We used the DIMTEDIT in AutoCAD to rotate independent of the dimstyle, so I want this similar control.)

I also notice that ordinate dimension are not following the right read and are reading left.
I logged a but for this, RH-3722.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Hi Pascal

Just to elaborate on two points.

Selecting viewports by objects within the crop and not border. Think this is much more intuitive and means one does not have to show borders. This is hows its done in In Design / Vectorworks / Sketch up Layout

Exporting PDFS. Think lots of people have mentioned quality of curves / lines. But also would be great if one could export a perspective in shaded view mode and keep all of the shaded shapes when opening in Illustrator / Affinity Designer. This is how its done in Sketch up and it’s a great basis for making montaged perspectives and diagrams.

would it be a good idea, to include a Layout list (like a drawing list), so we can easily pull out a transmittal letter like a digital format? (with columns such as drawing, revision date sr. no etc)

Another thing i would be keen on, would be to select multiple layouts and compile a single pdf file. This will actually encourage people to use layouts.


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Have a look here:




Can we also have proper dimensioning of arcs and curves.
By this I mean that the dimension ‘line / curve’ is an offset of the original curve.

I know Rhino does curve length dimensioning but the visual appearance is not pretty.

See example enclosed of an offset curve dimension.

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