Meshing in Rhino

I wanted my final outcome to be something like this
But when i do the same modelling in rhino, i’m getting something like below

My mesh in the hexagonal plate after meshing using panelling grids->create panelling grid->surface domain->panelling from grid->panel planar quads and then mesh as suggested by @eddie_chalecki and @rajaa . The problem i’m facing is the mesh that is clustered around the circular interface and at the corners of hexagonal plate.

I’m attaching by rhino base model here for reference and tries.
Could someone suggest ways or put a small video showing how to achieve the same as shown in first figure?
Many thanks.

I don’t think you actually included or attached the model.

i’m sorry. Here it goes WWF-mesh-new.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hi @Vijay_KG
There is a way to achieve your desired pattern using PanelingTools for Rhino. Here is what I did from left to right:

1- Created base geometry and aligned the seam of the hexagon and circle to both go through the line from one corner to the center. This will help aligning the curved properly.
2- Run ‘TweenCurves’ to generate inner curves
3- Run ‘ptGridUCurves’ to create the grid (with small set of curves, I like to turn auto-ordering off and select in order).
4- Run ptPanelGrid to generate the base panels.
5- For the cylinder, you can use the base surface and ‘ptGridSurfaceDomainNumber’ command to generate the grid.
6- Run ‘ptPanelGrid’ command (select base surface, and use AddFaces option to generate curved panels. Mesh will leave a gap with the base panels.

Hi @rajaa, Thanks for the support. Your explanation is awesome.
I couldn’t find Tween curves in my curve tools. I’m using Rhino 4. However without using tween, I was able to achieve it with above procedure, as it is a simple hexagon. Could you please suggest on how to get missing tween curves in my curve tools set.?

Menu -> General Utility -> Mean Curves
Command ptMeanCurves
use option:
Method=Number NumberOfCurves=Number of your wanted Morphings MatchMethod=MakeCompatible

hi @eddi, Thanks alot.

Hi @rajaa @eddi , Could you please support the below discussion link

The above link is what I’m seriously looking for.

Thanks for the support rhino team.

TweenCurves is a Rhino 5 command. As an alternative, you can create a loft between you start and end curves, then extract isocurves to use. You can also use the MeanCurve command as @eddi suggested. The one limitation is that it will gives you the middle curve only.

Thanks @rajaa. Could you please give your suggestions on the discussion topic that I posted recently.,

I’m keenly looking your opinions and approach for this.

Many Thanks

There is a possible solution in PanelingTools, and it can be solved the way I explained above. I understand that it might be a bit cumbersome.
A subdivision mesh solution is probably more appropriate. @piac do you have thoughts about a mesh subdivision solution is this case?