Mesh at surface joints

Could someone help me in getting a decent mesh for the following rhino example model (say figure 1)…

My mesh should look something like you see in the joints of the below figure (say figure 2)…

Any help me on to achieve the mesh is highly appreciated. I’m attaching the rhino base model of figure 1.
Rhino-mesh-emre.3dm (50.9 KB)

Except for the suggestions that were offered earlier (i.e. QuadMesh in the WIP, Weaverbird, PanelingTools), I suppose you could see if EvoluteTools would help:

What do you need the mesh for, and why are you modelling it as a nurbs if you need a mesh?
Rhino isn’t good at controlling meshes, here’s an example of V6’s quadmesh:
It’s all over the place…

@wim: Thanks for reply. Without using evolute tools, it is possible to do the same. Could you please suggest the manual grid points picking on to get the same kind of mesh?

@Holo: I need to export the mesh of the structure as gdf file, for use in another sw. Is it possible to mesh in another software and open in rhino again to save in the required file format?

Good question… You’d have to search the net to see if you find something that fit’s your needs.

But do you need quads? If you can live with some triangles then playing with the mesh settings min and max length should give you an ok result:

ya, quads is what I’m looking for at the joints, something like shown in figure 2. It is possible to achieve that using panelling tools and mesh. But I’m not knowing it. Any help on to get something similar to figure 2 outcome is highly appreciated.
Is there a step in that explanation that you don’t understand?

As for other software, you could look into Modo or ZBrush - perhaps @gustojunk or @hifred have ideas around this.

Hi Wim, that one shared by @rajaa, i got it. however for this joint where two tubular members are involved, i’m not getting the mesh as in figure 2. If you’ve achieved it could you please share it.?

I haven’t tried anything but the QuadMesh in the WIP.
How many of these type of structures do you need to do?
Have you tried Weaverbird?

Hi Wim, Please see the mesh that i obtained using @rajaa suggestions. could you help me in completing this to a closed mesh structure.??

@Vijay_KG If you like to use PanelingTools for this model, you probably would want to try to use nurbs faces instead of mesh as output. Non-planar faces are not output as mesh nor any trimming is applied to meshes. Can you share the file that produced the image above?

what i basically did is, got the curves on the main cylinder from curves->curve from objects->intersection.

rajaa could you please tell about nurbs faces in this example usage.

TLP-2.3dm (239.6 KB)


Looking at your model, you already produced good mesh faces. PT groups mesh face. It does NOT join them.
You just need to run the “Join” command to join all the meshes. They join perfectly and if you run “ShowEdges” command on them, they show to have no gaps between them (see image below).
As for the nurbs faces, if you like your result to be a surface that coincide perfectly with the cylinder, then you can use “AddFaces=Yes” option in “ptPanelGrid” and select the base surface with “Pull” option.

Thankyou rajaa and rhino team. I’ll try them and get back to you. if you feel any other suggestions or rhino commands will help, please keep posting… Nice of you ppl. :slight_smile:

@rajaa @wim @Holo : Here is the final outcome of my modelling…

cheers guys!!

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