Creating mesh for a surface using panelling grid

I have a rectangular surface which is hollow in the middle. I’m trying to mesh this surface using panelling grid. Steps I followed are as follows…panelling tools->create panelling grid->surface domain. when I do this, grid points are created in the hollow region of the surface also, which I don’t want to. How do I avoid and get mesh only for the surface that I created. Could someone suggest ways to achieve what I’m looking for? I’m attaching the model. I’m using Rhino version 4.basesurface.3dm (155.9 KB)

Hi @Vijay_KG
It is actually useful to have the grid extending across a hole. When you use ptPanelGrid, you can select the base surface (with the hole in it) and the result mesh will trim to the edge of the hole.Does that answer your question?

Hi @Rajaa, thanks for replying. After Create Panelling Grid, panelling from grid-> panel 2d grid. but then when I select the base surface, the mesh is created on the hollow part too. I couldn’t see the ptPanelGrid in my panelling tools which you’re saying. Could you please put a step by step screenshot, that’ll be really helpful. or a small video of it. Thanks alot.

Step-1: I created the surface
Step-2: Paneling Tools->Create Paneling Grid->Surface Domain
Step-3: Paneling from Grid-> Panel 2D Grid

After this I selected only meshing using SelMesh and moved it to check, but then I’m still getting mesh in the hollow section too. Please correct me where I’m going wrong in this. Moreover I couldn’t see ptPanelGrid that you’re saying. Thanks

On site 64, says:
Trimmed surfaces
When paneling uses a base surface or a polysurface, the panels are trimmed to the edges of
that base. Selecting a base is optional in most cases and therefore it can be skipped if the
user doesn’t wish to trim output.
Panels are trimmed regardless of what paneling shape is used. For example with “straight”
shape, if a line curve happens to connect two point one within base and the other outside it,
then the line is pulled to the base and the intersection point with the boundary is used as the
new second point. In some cases this process fails to find useful result and few panels might
need to be trimmed manually.

What is your goal ?
Panneling Tools is not a tool for dominant quad remeshing

Hi @eddie , I could see ptPanelGrid but when I followed the above procedure, I’m still getting mesh in the hollow place.

Objective is to get mesh for the surface shown in step-1.

After pressing enter to above step, I’m getting step-3. I moved only the meshed part to see if I’m getting the mesh as my surface in step 1 is shown. But I’m getting mesh in the hollow section too. Please correct me to get mesh only for the surface part shown in step-1. Step by step is appreciated. Thanks

I think that does not work with option “AddMesh”

But you can use command _ptPanelGridQuads and command _Mesh

Hi @Vijay_KG
@eddi is right. The mesh output from ptPnameGrid does not trim ‘meshes’, only trim surfaces. You need to ‘add faces’, then use ‘Mesh’ command. Sometimes corners cdo not come out clean.
Another option is to use ptTrimGrid first, then run ptPanelGrid with Mesh output.

@eddi: Thanks for the video. this is exactly what I was looking for. I have one more doubt. Are these meshes along the periphery of arc are all box shaped? because I wish to have them as quads (boxes), just please confirm. Ya, I agree we used ptPanelQuads.

@rajaa: The outcome with ptPanelGrid is not good compared against eddie’s clip as there is a discontinuity or the mesh not proper at the edges of the model. Thanks for the suggestion, You’re really helpful.

Ahh I think, you try to rebuild surface with quadmesh.
Quads only is not possible with Panneling Tools (And theoretically impossible when using Trim).
Try to a few alternative’s:

Inside Rhino with Evolute Tools T.Map Link

Or remeshing outside Rhino with InstantMesher Freeware Link

Hmm i see no direct difference, everything is created by PannelligGrid and trimed.

@eddi: Thanks for the link and suggestions.