Rhino Paneling Tools Experimentation Help

I have been using Rhino for some time but recently I discovered Paneling Tools! I was super delighted and started figuring out the plugin.

I discovered this interesting texture and tried replicating it but to no avail. Can this be accomplished using Paneling Tools?

Link to the picture:


Yes, this is very much possible. It seams to me that the thickness is gradually reduces from bottom to top. You can populate same component, just make sure that the bounding gids have the desired thickness setting. See example gradual example.zip (2.7 MB)


Wow thank you rajaa for the prompt reply. Iā€™m still getting used to the panelling tools and getting familiar with the functions it can perform. It is taking me a while to figure out how to create good grids out of more irregular surfaces.

Also, I just watched one of your webinars. It was really helpful. The key thing is really to create the single grid for tessellation.

I have another question. How to you make sure the resulting surfaces are properly joined and closed to form a closed polysurface? Even when I tried to use ptpanel3dcustom and defining the two bounding surfaces, the surfaces do not join up.

That can be a challenge based on the bounding surface curvature. A very safe approach for joining the result is as follows:

  • Create your desired populated pattern on a flat plane
  • Join the result (or Boolean depending on your module)
  • Use FlowAlongSrf to flow the result on your free-form surface

I hope this helps

Oh ok thanks for the tip! I will try it out now :slight_smile:

Does anyone of you know how to manipulate that pattern with a Gradient just as seen on the picture?

Hi Hao_Jie
Does the example attached to my post above help?