Meshing in Rhino

@davidcockey I cannot open ur file as I am using rhino version 6 only so please explain here in a bit detail.

Attached is a V6 version of the file.
HoleRectangleMeshV6DC01.3dm (1.7 MB)

You can easily find the commands to use to create rectangles and circles. The location of the seams can be adjusted using CrvSeam. The other commands I used are included in Rajaa’s instructions.

Most participants in this forum are willing to help others learn as long as it appears those asking questions are also trying to help themselves. Learning requires work, not just copying what others have done.

If you use Rajaa’s method on a rectangle you will find where it does not work as you would wish. Then think about what would be needed to achieve what you want. After you have done that you will be able to better ask for assistance.

@davidcockey thanks a lot. I am working on it brother…after failing many times I asked here. I am also keen to learn. Thanks for ur suggestions. I appreciate it.

This post has good advice about asking questions in all of the Rhino forums: Help Us Help You

@rajaa @davidcockey @eddi I Want to generate quad mesh as shown in figure attached at the interface between two perpendicular cylinders but i am unable to do it. I am attaching the file and figure for reference. Any type of help would be highly appreciated.
quad mesh.3dm (110.3 KB)

First used _OffsetCrvOnSrf (Target big cylinder, from Edge) for “Guide Curve”
This provides _QuadRemesh

when i am saving my file as a .gdf file in rhino 6/7 it is showing file writing plug in failed. how to solve this issue