Rhino Paneling Tools Help

I need help with paneling this ‘cross’ object -first picture- around this curvilinear shape - last picture. I result I got with the paneling tools conforms to the wireframe of the original surface which I don’t want- second picture. Im trying to keep all of the little crosses the same exact size while paneling the shape. What happened in the second picture is that they get very dense in the middle and larger as they go out. I am trying to get the wireframe to comprise of an even T-Spline grid but I have no idea how. Its so hard to put geometry into words.

Should I maybe use Grasshopper? I have no idea how to get that result.


I want them to bend with the surface but still be square and equal in size like in the picture above. I used the Drape tool just to better explain it but I want to perforations to surround the entire structure. The bottom picture shows that the perforations will lead to a hollow inside.

Its almost like if you printed this shape and then draped a cloth around it. The holes in the cloth would all be evenly spaced, space and size, but still conform to the surface geometry.

Other than simple geometry, you typically cannot populate a fixed-size module. It also is important to pay attention to how the paneling grid is constructed.
Why you cannot use variable density or scale? Do you plan to build the surface with fixed-size panels?
Can you share your 3dm file?