Creating paneling from custom defined lines on the rhino object (8.8 MB)

I want to make small dents along the boundary of the lines (magenta) on the surface of my rhino object much like soccer ball’s hexagonal pattern, How can I do this? Also I want to measure the thickness of the surface at different points. How can I do this?

Hello - do these need to be modeled or is it for a rendering/presentation?

ApplyShutlining will be an easy way out if it is for visualization-

But please make sure to remove overlapping curves - I found there are places where there are curves in the same locations, not exact duplicates but never the less near enough or overlapping - ApplyShutlining does not like this at all - so make sure to select the curves carefully.


Need to be modeled.

Hello - well. I’d say you have your work cut out for you -

  1. Clean up the curves so they meet cleanly.
    32ch_Ospace_220_Clean curves.3dm (153.3 KB)

  2. Explode the object and split the resultong surfaces with the curves to get the panels.

  3. Extrude normal (Fin) to make edges deeper than the desired depressions.

  4. Join then FilletEdge.

32ch_Ospace_220_Panel.3dm (752.0 KB)


If by any chance you are OK with mesh model, you can still use Pascal’s Shutlining suggestion and then use _ExtractRenderMesh command to get the mesh with grooves applied.
Not that simple if you need actual surfaces…


Actually, I am complicating the rhino-object (head frame) I have from someone’s work.The original frame had 32 hexagonal pattern much like soccer ball patterns. I want to edit and replace these with my pattern ( basically 8 pizza slice like pattern around the frame). Can you suggest me the easier way to get my goal like mesh editing,…?



In that case I don’t think the mesh will work for you as Rhino is not really good at manipulating and detailed editing mesh models. You may need to follow Pascal’s suggestions and work with the surfaces, and once you split the model, use surface edges to rebuild and modify your individual panels.



Thank you.How can I measure the thickness of the frame. Is there any effective way other than going to “Analyze” and selecting “distance” or something like that?

I don’t think in Rhino there is another way other than measuring the distance from a given point. But this type of modeling is not my expertise, so maybe others have some better suggestions.


Like push and pull tool in sketchup, do we have analogous tool in rhino to create a groove on the surface?