Keystrokes in GH end up in Rhino command line

Im having a strange recurring issue while trying to use Layout Manager and FabTools to create a number of layouts. Im also using ghPython for making a minor reformatting and computation of the scale of the layout. Running Rhino 5 and GH 0.9.0076.

When the problem occur, I cant use my keyboard in the Grasshopper Environment, instead, all key strokes are sent to the Rhino command line. I can however still navigate in Grasshopper, access the menus and add components to the document.

When I run the Layout Manager “Add Layer” Component, I partially lose functionality over even more of the GUI interface. Doubbleclicking panels and accessing Component input and outputs sieze to be possible. Also when I try to add a component, the small component picture that sticks to the mouse pointer does not go away after adding the components to the document.

I have come across these issues before, but then they have usually gone away after rebooting the program. Now they are recurring.

Would be very appriciative of any answers as to why is this happening, how can I fix it for my current document and how to avoid it in the future?



Hi Jakob,

what OS are you running?

Hey David,
Thanks for your reply.
I am running Windows 7 Enterprise, Serivce Pack 1.

I’ve now set up a separate definition just for debugging purposes. As it appears, it’s an issue with FabTools “Add New Layout”-Component, which somehow causes the Grasshopper canvas to freeze.

Im now trying to achieve something similar in python instead by rs.AddLayout and rs.AddDetail.

I have no issues with adding a new layout by rs.AddLayout but I cant find a way to add the corner points (corner1, corner2) in the layout that rs.AddDetail requests.

The regular Rhino.Geometry.point2d() adds the points to the rhino document, not to the layout, if I understand things correctly? Hence my script crashes when I try to run it with these points…

Any pointers on how to add these 2d-points to the layout would be great.

Looking at the rhinoscriptsyntax code for AddDetail may be of help here. You may have to rewrite a similar version of this function in your ghpython code

Didn’t want to start a new thread, but the same thing happens to me too.
I am using Grasshopper and Rhino, as a temporary solution I use the commands from the Grasshopper menu, but that’s really slow.
I have several plugins on Rhino (Visualarq and Thearender) and use several plugins on Grasshopper (Kangaroo, Visualarq, Lunchbox, GeoGym) but I don’t use Fabtools.

Windows 10 Pro (Version 1703; build 15063.483)

Edit: As an example I am unable to use CTRL+C or DEL

I’m still having this issue, a lot. Sometimes have to restart/unload grasshopper/Rhino more than 4 times, and then it works for an hour or two until next time. What’s up with this? I never used to have this issue but suddenly it happens all the time. Is it an addin related issue? If so, which addin should I uninstall?
Really hope there is a fix for this, it’s heavily impacting my workflow.

all the best


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This is probably related to the very old, very annoying behavior of Rhino retaining “focus” when clicking on the GH canvas. I can’t replicate the condition at this moment, though have coped with it for years in R5 and seen it many times in R6. I have a couple of Rhino “dialog boxes” open on the right side of the screen where I keep the GH window. Clicking on the GH canvas frequently does not hide those dialogs (one is ‘CurveDrawing (3 tabs)’ and the other has tabs for ‘Properties’, ‘Layers’, etc. It is necessary to click the GH window title bar instead of just the canvas to bring GH to the foreground and hide the dialogs behind it.

I have no idea why I can’t easily replicate the behavior now in either R5 or R6… Oh! All I have to do in R5 is open an existing model of moderate complexity and… use ‘Alt-TAB’ to switch between apps (Windows 10), which I frequently do. When I ‘Alt-TAB’ back to Rhino, the dialogs are on top of the GH canvas and don’t go away by simply clicking the GH canvas. Clicking the title bar is required. Inconsistent, but I often find myself typing on the Rhino command line when I expect to be typing in the GH “Enter a search keyword…” box.

I installed an R6 upgrade yesterday, not sure yet if it affects this behavior. I am surprised to see this in the R6 ‘Help | Version History’ window:

Grasshopper Version History

Version 0.9.0076

  • Added [Point Deform] component for changing the control-point locations of geometry (Transform.Morph dropdown)
  • Added [Bend Morph] component for bending geometry from lines to arcs (Transform.Morph dropdown).
  • etc.

Same as R5!? No mention anywhere of more current versions of GH? The frequency of glaringly obvious errors like this (trivial as this one may be) have deeply shaken my confidence in Rhino/GH.

This issue remain in RHino 6. Sometimes, when i.e. tring to delete a component, the delete command shows up in rhino command line and does not delete the GH component


I can’t tell when, but it happens to me sometimes too.
And when typing an expression in a component, I am unable to end the expression, the dialog just closes. I have to try a couple of times.
But it’s not always.

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Hello, i am experiencing same issue, every other day. Sometimes restart helps, but still can be very annoying.
I am running
Rhino Version 6 SR13
(6.13.19058.371, 02/27/2019)
1.0.0007, with just several plugins.
on windows.


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Hi dear friend
Did you find a solution for that? this problem is getting me really crazy

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I am also having this issue, I cannot figure out exactly what triggers it… but the only way for me to advance is closing Rhino + Grasshopper and restarting them.

I am running:
Rhino Version 6 SR29
(6.29.20238.11501, 08/25/2020)
Grasshopper Version 1.0.0007

on Windows 10 Enterprise
Version 1909, OS build 18363.1016

Try this:

Have the same -delete glitch. But I just found a pattern, which solves the problem for me. (Windows7 x64 Rhino 4)

  1. Click - Show desktop button on taskbar (Rhino and Grasshopper window minimizes)

  2. Click one more time - Show desktop button (Rhino window restores, but Grasshopper window is not)

  3. Just double click Grasshopper window to maximize it, and the problem disappears.


Thanks for linking to that thread! I will give this a try next time it happens and let everyone in Windows 10 know if this works.

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Thank you so much!

This all sounds very similar to the problem of GH where it looses focus of GH when triggering something with a button component, because a GH component triggers a Rhino Command, losing focus of GH during the button press. That way the mouse-up event basically gets triggered in Rhino and not GH and GH thinks it is still in the mouse-down state. At that point you can still pan and right-click, but nothing else. Especially super old plugins like Fabtools seem to be problematic.

One solution though is to use Pancake’s “True only Button”, which doesn’t cause that. Anyways, maybe it helps someone.

I’m writing a fix to tackle with the click/keystroke issue. (if what I am thinking is the exact reason why that occurs) Hopefully it will be in the next version of Pancake and eventually back into Grasshopper.

Yes it’d be in the next release. I’m still testing it with Elefront’s button component, etc.

Without the feature:


With the feature:



problem still exists. faced this issue recently. (windows 10 x64 Rhino 7)
For me, it mostly happens when i working with Rhino.inside. Still havent figured out a pattern but happens randomly.
The show desktop solution works like a charm. Thanks !

When baking breps with elefront, I’m baking into a wireframe viewport. If the viewport display mode was shaded, Rhino would create render meshes and the cursor would jump from Grasshopper into the command line.