Ancient bug of keys malfunction after minimize GH window

This is quite an ancient bug but still occurs in Rhino 7.4… Hopefully, it can really get some attention, because it still happens to me every other week if I accidentally resize the grasshopper window.

The was the first time it was reported in 2010:

And another thread in 2017:

And someone posted a temporary solution in 2012, which is what I have been using over the past five years or so, but still kinda annoying I have to perform this operation everytime, (it was even more painful before I found this hidden solution, have to close the program everytime):

Can someone look into this and fix this bug …it’s been a decade
[Briefly recap the bug: click the downsize button, and/or double click the empty space of the title bar and minimize the grasshopper window into a long bar window, and then restore back to full-size window, the delete key, alt key, and some other function key won’t work anymore. These keys only appear in the Rhino command window. Have to either restart the program or follow that above solution to solve it.]
Thanks a lot!

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For what it’s worth, holding the Windows key and hitting D twice is a quick way of running the temporary solution.

Hi -

FWIW - following that procedure (well… I suppose you select a component on the canvas before hitting hte Del key) does’t replicate the issue here.
Other than that, I think we hope Grasshopper 2 behaves differently…