Keyboard bug GH-to-Rhino

This issue happened somewhat regularly with Rhino v5, and it seems to be happening with v6 as well.

I have Rhino opened up into a full screen on one of my monitors. I have Grasshopper maximized on the other monitor.

If I am in Grasshopper working away, and then click back into the Rhino viewport to do some Rhino command, I’m usually able to type the command in Rhino using the keyboard and the keystrokes show up in the command prompt window. However, I lose the ability of the Return key to work. Basically, I can type the command but cannot execute it. Similarly, I may lose the function of the Delete key on the keyboard, or perhaps the Esc key. I can go back into Grasshopper and keep working but the keyboard still won’t work if I flip back into Rhino.

Occasionally, I may be able to save and close Grasshopper, then go into Rhino (the only window left on either screen) and the keyboard may work. At other times, even closing Grasshopper will not give me back full control of the keyboard in Rhino.

What’s going on?


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I’ve had this as well. I think the last time I searched for this problem on the forums I found the suggestion of disabling and enabling the solver. And I think this has so far always fixed it for me.

I have the same problem
In my case, I run Grasshopper’s new document and go back to before document. then keyboard working again on rhino.
but it is not fundamental solution

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Hi I face the same problem: while working in GH, suddenly keyboard inputs are sent to Rhino, so for example it is not possible to delete a component in GH using the Delete key.


I can confirm this problem lately. Did anyone get more information what’s going on here?

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Does anybody find the solution to this problem lately?

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Also having the sme problem of not being able to use delete key. Just spent a small fortune on a laptop to switch to windows from mac to open up the possibilities of GH and somewhat regretting it. Hope this can get sorted. Thanks

I am having the same problem cant delete the GH component and also cant type any value in GH as it goes back to Rhino command section and somehow i am teleported to Rhino world…
Stop being abusive to your lil brother Grasshopper, Rhino this is not good of you ! :slight_smile:

Is it possible that this problem has the same cause? Check to see if a plug-in hasn’t got some message box hidden behind everything…

I run Rhino full screen on my secondary monitor and GH full screen on my primary, and I switch back and forth between them fairly frequently.

I’ve had only 2 problems with this, and one is my fault: both Rhino and GH will respond to the keyboard only if their window has the current focus, and this means I have to click on something when I move the cursor from one screen to the other. What I frequently do is switch my mental focus from one screen to the other (without clicking on something) and then turn my scroll wheel - which of course scrolls or zooms the “wrong” screen.

The other problem is that after Baking something and giving Rhino the focus, the delete key
sometimes does nothing. But using the Rhino menus to delete does work. This seems like a quirk to me, but I’m not really sure why it happens.

Hey Guys! I remembered this was discussed some time ago here at the forum, and If i can remember, the solution was: Set Rhino and GH fullscreen, and the click a couple times at this button over here in the lef of your windows clock (see attachment).


It works for me! Hope it helps!

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I saw so many posts about this bug throughout the last 8 or so years but without any conclusive fix. This is incredibly frustrating. It’s gone from not leting me CTRL+C/CTRL-V/DEL to not letting me input numbers in the grasshopper pane. Someone’s older post about the num lock working helped for a bit. Restarting worked once. HOW DO I FIX THIS PERMANENTLY?

I believe there is no permanent solution

Also have this issue! running for 10years now!!
At least add a right click and delete for Grasshopper

Happens to me regularly.
So i suggest to have in the right click menu at least the 3 main
tools :

just wanted to say +1 I’m having the same issue recently. I’m running the latest version of R7.

I’ve had a similar problem regarding keyboard focus between GH and Rhino.
With GH (1.0.0007) maximized on one screen and Rhino (7.7.21160.5001) maximized on the other, when I try to set a value in a GH number slider, the keyboard is simultaneously active in the Rhino console.
No solution found apart from restarting both.

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I hope there is a recent solution, been struggling w/ this a lot lately, especially while using Rhino inside Rervit. To restart each software is a pain!

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Mahmoud, Rhino.Inside.Revit hang ups are a different issue & we are working on improving these. If you can report workflows where this occurs it will help. They are typically Revit Transaction errors. Thanks.

Report on the Rhino.Inside.Revit section of the forum with Revit Version, Rhino Version, RiR Version and RiR components used (for example Add Direct Shape)

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This is happening to me as well 100% of the time when Rhino and GH windows are on different monitors (on Windows 10), as well as some of the time when I fullscreen the GH window over top of Rhino on the same monitor. It’s quite annoying not to be able to use rhino and grasshopper windows fullscreen on two monitors (without losing keyboard shortcuts entirely in Grasshopper).

The “show desktop” rectangle on the taskbar sometimes snaps Rhino focus out of it in the single monitor case, but does nothing to enable multi-monitor support.