Grasshopper loses keyboard to rhino until program restart

Is this the right place to report bugs?

A few times over the past few months, I’m working in Grasshopper in Rhino6 on Windows 10, and for some reason the keyboard no longer seems to be giving input to Grasshopper, only to Rhino. I make sure the Grasshopper window is selected, but I all my keys go to Rhino command line. I can’t delete nodes, I can’t press space to get the search box, etc. When I restart Rhino, things are back to normal. Has this been noticed elsewhere? If I find a way to reliably replicate it, I will update this.

This has been reported on this forum before. Several developers have tried to look into it, but we have not found the cause to the bug yet.

I searched the forum before posting but didn’t see anything like this, but good to know it’s a known thing. Thanks!

I’m experiencing this too in v7.

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It happens to me almost each time I use gh for a few hours.
If the bug cannot be smashed can we have a c# snippet to make keyboard focus redirect to gh window instead of rhino window ?
At least we can work without need to exit rhino and restart.w

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Happens here too, but only when GH and Rhino-Window are on seperate screens. Reall annoying, though…

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I’ve got the same issue, only happens when I have rhino/grasshopper on seperate screens.

If if drag the grasshopper window slightly over to the screen with rhino the issue goes away, not a perfect solution but works for now.