Keystrokes landing in Rhino when GH full screen on second monitor

I’ve been having this issue since Rhino 4, I can’t believe it’s still in Rhino 7. I can never maximize Grasshopper in full screen on another monitor without eventually loosing the ability to type in grasshopper, everything goes to the Rhino command bar. It’s something I’ve worked around for years.

I’ve seen other threads about this (example) over the years (going back to the og forums) and tricks to fix it temporarily but what is the current state of never having to deal with it again? I can’t tell you what a joy it would be to not have to manually scale up GH windows again.

Clearly doesn’t happen for everyone so I guess it’s not a big priority but I seem to consistently get unlucky on every new PC I’ve had.

It also happens to me, :pensive:, and I just found out that passing the GH to the same Rhino monitor no longer bothers me.

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