Rhino stuck in command mode?


Quite often, when I am trying by pressing ‘del’ keystroke, it types ‘.’ in the command in Rhino and not actually deleting the component itself. The only solution for me so far is to restart the whole software.

Any other solutions to unstick this?

Thank you

it’s maybe due to the keyboard configuration. maybe using the Numlock key on or off should solve it.

Hello @DiegoKrause,

Unfortunately, toggling numlock key on/off did not solve the problem.

When I highlight a grasshopper component and hit delete key, did does not delete the GH component but just typed ‘_Delete’ command in the command line.

Ah, so this is essentially a Grasshopper question. I will change the category.

That’s fine, but how should I solve it though?

I don’t know, maybe other GH users have had the same experience… Do you have any other programs running besides Rhino/Grasshopper? I have had other programs mess with key stroke acceptance in Rhino, like Photoshop… and even Acrobat recently.

Can you confirm the Grasshopper window is active when you press the Del key?

Do other menu shortcuts in GH work?

Yes, the window is active and the component I want to delete is highlighted.
When I pressure the del key, the window becomes inactive and the Rhino’s window becomes active and _Delete command was shown on the command line.

I reproduced the issue and there is the link:

I’ve seen this on my colleagues laptop before. The workaround was to delete components with Ctrl+C. The issue was intermittent, and disappeared.


I’m wondering if it could be the keyboard layout. I used to have two layouts defined and it seems really easy to inadvertently switch between them.

Although in the video posted by @eduszh it seems to be just standard EN.

Oops that’s what I meant

Hello @DavidRutten @dharman
Cool, thank you, and I will try it next time it occurs. Yes, it is intermittent and yes, I have standard EN keyboard.

Hello @DavidRutten and @dharman,

It happened today and I tried ctrl+x, and it just sends _Cut command to the command line. I can only restart the program to reset it…

So all keyboard inputs are send to Rhino then? That would mean the bug is in a different area than it would be if it was only a specific key.

FWIW, I’ve experienced this numerous times myself and seems to occur sometimes after using raytrace for rendering. Copy, Paste and Delete are affected and I must either use the GH menu commands or restart. It never just goes away on its own.

I assume so. What should I do then?

I encounter this issue at least one time per day. This issue is getting annoying now.

Not sure there’s anything you can do. Just trying to figure out where the locus of this bug might be so I can scan for suspicious code.


Thank you for letting me know!