Issue with "XFormGeo" function


I used the function “XFormGeo” whcih you made for the first time, and I have an issue with the resulting configurator:

nothing seems to appear, while the configurator works on Rhino.
Do you know what the issue is?

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It’s really hard to tell without more information. Could you post a minimal version of your definition replicating the issue so I can have a closer look?

Also, use of the XFormGeo component is covered in this part of the webinar so you might check that too:

Thank you for your answer. I think that the issue is not with the grasshopper file, as if I click on the camera button I can see my geometry:

But when I change a parameter, it disappears again…
I attached my grasshopper file (I tried with a simplified version but their was not the issue, maybe the issue is the complexity of the file?)
test 1 étagè (5.3 MB)

Your model is complex but it’s well structured and it will work fine, you just need to take extra care when working with data trees in ShapeDiver. I had a quick look on your definition and you flatten and simplify trees a lot. This might not be a problem on your computer but it causes unpredictable behavior on the platform for a number of components including XFromGeo. Make sure that geometry and corresponding transformations are on correct tree branches and don’t get mixed up after flattening or simplifying. This video tutorial explains the topic in more detail.

Thanks for the response.
This does not seems to be the issue as the model appears when I click on the camera button. Therefore the grasshopper file works, the issue seems to be in shapedriver apparently… Do you know if this issue could be reseolved?

Make sure you manage the data trees without flattening and simplifying. Following tutorial explains how to work with the XFormGeo component.

Thank you for your reply. I checked the data tree and I am pretty sure of its structure. Here is a video capture of my issue.

The initial configurations is the most complex possible. I can see it when I click on the camera button. However, when I change the parameters for a simpler configuration, I cannot see the model anymore, even if I click on the camera button. Therefore, I am pretty sure that the issue does not come from the Grasshopper file, as I am able to see the most complex configuration. Could you please try to check if the issue may come from shape driver?

We have quickly reviewed your definition and there were two main problems:

  1. Sending data other than transformations to the C# script (Nulls and text).
  2. Flattening tree which contains meshes with transformations.

Here is the reviewed file with notes in pink groups and the model works on ShapeDiver now.

test 1 étagè (5.3 MB)

Thank you for your revision!
The reason why I kept the null elements is that if a branch is empty the XForm parameter, the corresponding Geo branch will appear in its default state. I would like that it does not appear at all. In rhino having null elements resolves the issue, do you know how I could do for shapedriver?

You just need to check which branch is empty and remove the mesh from the same branch before entering it into the C# component. Alternatively, you could also use the Clean Tree component to do a parallel clean up

Thanks! This is how I did it to keep the branches existing in the transformations trees
It now works on shape driver

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