Display bug 2

hello ShapeDiver team,

it seems I meet this bug again. same Gh file, it shows different in rhino and shapeDiver interface.
it will be nice if you can check it. Thanks.

Are you using Rhino 6? I’ve had similar issues working on a project in Rhino 5 and then uploading to Shapediver. I opened it in Rhino 6, worked out the problems, and the reupload looks like I expected it.

Hi, Alejandro, thanks for your help. I use rhino 6. I reupload several times. It seems it doesn’t work.:’(

It seems that there is a problem with managing transformations in your model. Could you post a minimal definition replicating this?

Make sure you use data trees instead of flat lists too keep your model organised. Order of lists can vary between computers or Grasshopper versions due to tolerances and other factors and this may have affected the transformations in your model.

You can learn more about optimisation process in this article and the webinar below covers details of working with transformations. More resources can be found on our blog or video channel.