Problem with new shapediver viewer


I uploaded the grasshopper definition and realize that it shows incorect geometry. In Rhino/grasshopper as well as older viewer it looks good.Check this example and see size of the panels:
new viewer: ShapeDiver
old viewer:

Additionally if I upload the same definition to Designer account (previous one was on Pro account), there are more errors. For example if I change parameter “Horizontale Unterteilung” (materialisierung group) to zero, all panels will disapear. Check this link: ShapeDiver

I was dealing with some problem a few months ago, there was some problem with a plane which was by default different in various versions of Rhino. Double-check it and try to internalize them.


Thanks Daniel,

In my case, difference also existis between old and new shapediver viewer ( ShapeDiver and ) and I have planes instead of points.

However, you give me good idea how to solve it and, in my case instead of Boundary surface, I created mesh and it geometry is represented good in new viewer as well.

Yes, there seems to be an issue with converting surfaces to meshes in the new viewer, which I will report to the team. Manually meshing the surfaces is a good workaround for the time being.