Upload geometry DXF issues

We have issues using the Shapediver Geometry input component.
As in the first screen shot below, all spacing and Geomtery display works fine in grasshopper.
Shapediver stacks the computed geometry on top of each panel does not display all of the top line of geometry and is very problematic in uploading a dxf file which is very small with 4 basic entities shown in the bottom screenshot.
The nest and price toggle does not work within Shapediver but works fine in the Grasshopper definition.

The model is here ShapeDiver

Are you developing your model using Rhino 6 or Rhino 7?
Could you share the DXF that is not importing correctly?

Hi Alexandra,

We used Rhino 7.
A copy of the DXF is attached, we have tried saving with different DXF formats, all present the same issues, sometimes not loading, or stacking when they do.
I have another Shapediver definition, completely different to which we added the dxf file upload and we have similar issues, either not loading the dxf or not computing correctly as it would do in the grasshopper definition.
DXF. file attached
john.dxf (160.6 KB)

Is it possible for you to reproduce the issues you mention on a minimal file and to share both the definition and the files exported from it? It is unclear what the problem is exactly, or if there really is only one problem or several.

The dxf file is minimal, 4 off, 4 sided closed entities all planar and on the construction plane.
The issues are only on the Shapediver hosted version. Within Grasshopper all works fine.
The DXF is small, minimal and basic, this is the geometry that more often than not is either not loading into the definition, or is not displaying, not sure which.
On the occasions where it does load, the computed geometry is stacking on top of each panel rather than being laid and not overlapping as correctly happens in Grasshopper.

I have sent the grasshopper file by PM