Is it possible to have objects when selected not have the highlighting that signifies an object is selected?

There are certain times when I would prefer for a selected object not to become highlighted, this is for when I want better visualization when I am for example positioning one object on top of another as in when using the Orient on surface command. I find the highlighting distracting, I know I can change the color for selected objects in preferences, but I am wondering if there is any way to have no color?


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You can change the highlight-selection color in the preferences dialog. I’m not sure, but if it were possible to select a color and change its transparency to 100%, you have what you want.

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It is quite important, @Flubber thanks for brining this up.
both selection options shaded or just edges+isocurves highlight makes ON-Srf operation much more difficult.

in Blender for example I noticed they just highlight the border which seems like a simple good solution.

I hope this would be considered.

with thanks

Hi Flubber - I agree, there are several cases where highlighting gets in the way - this is on the pile, I do not know what the chances are for V6 though.



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I like this. I’ve had moments were this could have been useful. I was thinking it could be like one of the tabs in the bottom next to Ortho etc, but then I thought that if it’s a too easy function to enable a lot of (new) users might get confused by this, when they accidentally press it.

For now you can try this:

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Thanks for all the replies, and

Thank you for creating that script Jareck it solves the problem for me, much appreciated!

sounds great,
Is there maybe a .py version of this script…? [for the Mac’is]

with thanks

Looks like @clement came up with a slightly different way to handle this, and in python…so it should work on Mac:

thanks for the link Jarek.
and thanks you @clement for the .py script.

One [perhaps tricky] limitation, is that it works great on single surfaces, but not on Polysurfaces when running commands like InterpCrvOnSrf .
I suppose a way around is to extract the relevant surface…?

with thanks

Hi @Akash, yes. _InterpCrvOnSrf allows to select a subsurface of a polysurface. The script works on objects, it does not know about subobjects.


Thank you so much for all the replies and that scrip Jarek! it does the job.

Here is a small plugin that can help you turn selection highlighting on or off:

HighlightToggle.rhp (40.5 KB) (Rhinocommon 6.0.18016.23451)
Source: (4.6 MB)

Thanks, nice hack

Anything new about this issue on v7 rhino ?)

Hi Mikele -
If you are looking to completely turning off any highlighting on selected objects, you’ll have to use the plug-in or scripts that have been provided in this thread.
In Rhino 8, we are working on silhouette highlighting of selected objects.


This would be especially useful when dealing with meshes or complex polysrfs.

This script is perfect. Is the attached command the the best way of using the script? _-LoadScript

I already posted a suggestion about that in another thread, but I will repeat it here, too:

There must be an icon or a tick-box to quickly toggle the selection highlight. Extremely useful while working with dense 3d mesh models and point cloud data. The toggle must be visible all the time and the user must be able to switch it with a single mouse click, so the best locations is ether in the the Status bar at the bottom (next to “Filter”), or on the left side of the “Select all” icon, or on the right side of the “Properties” icon located below the Command line.
It will be even better to be able to apply the highlight toggle to a certain type of geometry, such like meshes only, while the rest ones will still take advantage of the default highlight.

Hi, no - you should actually have a command available that can by typed with autocomplete or tied to a keyboard shortcut or an alias. Please follow instructions from here, just make sure you have the latest version of the script:

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