How to change the selected objects' display color?

Hi there,

Is there anyway I can change the displayed color of selected objects?
By default in rhino it would be highlighted as bright yellow when I select some points.
But I would like it not to highlight the objects I select…
How can I achieve it?



You can change the highlight color in Options>Appearance>Colors. You cannot eliminate the highlight though… How would you know what you have selected?

You could try setting the highlight color to the same as your background color, the highlight will be pretty subtle or even more or less invisible that way.


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You can change the color here:
Appearance > Colors > Object display > Selected objects

To have no indication of selection whatsoever would be problematic if you ask me.

Thanks Mitch & wim!!


When I select a mass in shaded mode the round lines won’t appear in yellow but in other modes it will.

How should I solve it because I can’t figure out which lines aren’t selected.

Hello - please make sure the shaded display mode is set to defaults.


since I installed it shaded display mode was default.

Hello - can you please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and paste the results here?


Hello - can you please message me via private message with your V6 license key?
And can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and paste the full results here?


when i select it.

A little late to the party here but I too need to sometimes not have the object highlighted, specifically when I need to place several reference points on a target mesh object. The yellow highlight makes it difficult to see the mesh precisely.

My original workflow that lead to it being undesirably highlighted yellow was:

Points → Persistentonmesh → SelMesh

What works for me now is:

Points → Persistentonmesh → (manually select the target mesh)

Hi Danny - in this case, for shaded display modes, setting the display mode to use shaded mesh highlighting may help -